Have Your Car Inspected After Any Rear-End Collision, No Matter How Minor

Being involved in a rear-end auto collision can be a traumatizing experience for all parties involved.

They are among the most frequently occurring type of motor vehicle accident, accounting for 1 in every 4.

It’s a stressful experience and unfortunately, a rear-end collision is usually not your fault.

But unfortunately, even minor rear-end fender benders can cause serious underlying problems that may not show up immediately.

Neglected auto problems, can place the safety of your passengers and yourself, in jeopardy.

You should always have an auto body repair facility inspect your vehicle to ensure it is safe to drive.

Here are a few auto body damages to look out for if you have been in a rear-end collision:

Auto Body Trunk Damage

After experiencing a rear end collision, your trunk may have been impacted. Causing damage to your trunk.

While your trunk opening and closing smoothly may not directly impact your driving. It may cause other issues that can arise after a rear-end accident:

Opening Difficulties

Issues where you have trouble getting the trunk to open with your key or the trunk release button.

Lock Issues

It wouldn’t be good if your car is left unattended in a location where potential thieves could be around.

Water Seepage

Rear-end collisions often compromise the trunk lid’s seal, allowing potentially-harmful moisture to enter the compartment. Creating an environment for mold growth.

Lid Pops Open Unexpectedly

You could be driving down the road and randomly the trunk lid flies open, obstructing your rear view. This can pose a safety risk to you and those around you.

Unrepaired trunk malfunctions can also reduce your car’s resale value. So, after an accident promptly take it to a reliable body shop to have the problem diagnosed and fixed.

Alignment Issues

One of the most common issues drivers will face after a rear-end collision is alignment issues.

If you notice changes to the way your car handles following a rear-end collision, your alignment is most likely off.

Common symptoms of misalignment include the vehicle pulling to one side, wobbly steering and unusual vibrations.

Poor alignment causes tires, brakes, suspension, and other parts to be under additional stress. Which, will cause them to wear out faster than normal.

It is important that your car is properly aligned. Otherwise, you could be causing excessive stress, which can cause premature wear-and-tear, costly replacements and can pose additional safety hazards.

Hidden Auto Body Damage

In some cases, it may appear that your vehicle has had a lucky escape following a rear-end collision. However, even if it appears that there is no visible auto collision damage, it is important to remember there could be hidden damage.

In most cases, the frame might get damaged because the bumper is plastic and does not offer much protection.

Behind your bumper cover, there are hidden components, that could be damaged, and should be checked. Don’t rely on the visual appearance of your bumper to determine if your car is damaged beneath the surface.

Bent Frame

One commonly missed type of auto collision damage sustained during rear-end collisions involves the car’s bumper and frame.

In many vehicles, the bumper is plastic and doesn’t provide a great deal of protection.

Even minor accidents can slightly bend your frame. 

If your car makes rattling noises or you notice your alignment is off, this could be the sign of a bent frame.

Unaddressed frame damage can lead to future safety problems such as:

Warning System Misalignment

Bent frames can affect sensors that make up your driver warning and safety systems to be out of wack, including your airbags.

Reduced Frame Strength

In the event of a subsequent, high-impact collision, a previously-weakened frame could give way and not protect you as it was designed to.

You can do a simple test to see if the frame has been damaged. Measure the distance between each tire to the wheel well. If the distances are not the same for each tire, you need to bring in your vehicle immediately.

Whenever your car has sustained any type of damage from a rear-end impact, you should always get an inspection following an accident. As a bent frame can weaken the structural integrity of your car and pose a hazard if you’re in another collision.

Transmission Issues

One of the main issues that arise after experiencing a rear-end collision is transmission issues.

Rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles have transmission components located toward the rear of the vehicle making them prone to damage in the event of a collision.

If you experience issues like transmission slipping, difficulty shifting, or leaking transmission fluid following a rear-end collision, you should immediately take your vehicle to a professional auto repair shop for an inspection.

If you continue to drive your vehicle in this condition, with the transmission showing signs of damage, you run the risk of causing more serious issues.

Electrical Problems

Even a low-impact collision can loosen wires and comprise the various electrical systems that keep your car operating.  Over time, loose wire connections could affect your vehicle’s brake and tail lights, sound system or cause an unexpected dead battery.

Potential unseen electrical problems is an additional reason to why you should have the wiring checked out following a major or minor rear-end collision.

Don’t Take Chances After a Rear-End Collision – Get It Checked Out

If your car has been involved in a rear-end collision, don’t take chances with hidden problems that could jeopardize your safety later. 

Instead, bring it to a dependable auto body shop to have the damage inspected, inside and out. 

Body shop technicians have the training, experience, and equipment to locate and repair underlying issues, to get you back on the road again. 

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