All of us want to avoid car accidents, but unfortunately we can’t always avoid them.  No matter how defensively we drive we may end up in a fender bender.  So we have created two articles on what to do if you are involved in a fender bender.  Here’s part 1:


There’s an excellent chance you don’t have these items in your car; most of the population doesn’t, but they can be a real benefit if you end up in a fender bender.  Make sure you have a first air kit, fire extinguisher, insurance information, and your in case of emergency contact information in your car.  People tend to think a fender bender is a minor accident, but it can cause whiplash and you might end up with some small bumps and bruises.  A first aid kit can help you if you end up with some small cuts.


Of course you don’t want to leave the scene of an accident.  In fact, leaving the scene is actually a crime, so while you might have a bad time being responsible for a fender bender, there’s an excellent chance that if you run, you will still be caught and then you will be responsible for the original fender bender, plus leaving the scene of a crime.  It’s important to remember, whether you are at fault or the victim, to remain calm.  Exit the vehicle and check on the other driver.  Then call the authorities and wait for them to arrive.  Exchange information with the other driver, and call a tow truck if needed.


Take several deeper paths.  A car accident can be a stressful, anxiety inducing experience no matter how small.  You might be feeling confused or disoriented for the first few minutes.  It’s important to remember to take deep breaths from the stomach and to remain calm; everything will be okay.


If you were the one to bump into someone else, it might be automatic for you to start to apologize and take all of the blame.  Most of the time we do this because we are uncomfortable.  However, it’s important to keep quiet during this time.  Unfortunately simple fender benders can often turn into liability issues and when you babble, it can put you in trouble.  If you aren’t to blame in the accident, it might be automatic for you to say everything is okay or you’re fine, but later on you may find out that you have suffered whiplash or some other health problem.  When you tell the offender you are fine, it can hurt you later if you need medical treatment.


No matter how small the accident is, call the cops.  While your car may look fine, you never know what has happened underneath the surface.  Many cars have small parts, like clips, that can be broken in a fender bender.  On the outside, your car might looks 100% fine, but you never know.  Use a non-emergency line (unless someone is seriously injured) and report the accident and wait for the police to arrive. 

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