Getting in a car accident can be an overwhelming experience and may cause many headaches dealing with the aftermath, like getting your car repaired. If you live in WV, you can make your experience easier by getting collision repair in Huntington, WV at East End Body Shop. 

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The events following an accident will include speaking with your car insurance, whether you are at fault for the accident or not.

The process of getting your car fixed after an accident can vary. It is likely that the police will be the first people to be at the scene of the accident and be the ones to inspect the accident. Then you will get an accident report that you can take to your insurance. After you inform the insurance of the collision, some insurance companies want to send an inspector of their own, but other times they will leave it up to you to get an estimate of the damage.

There are certain things you should know about collision repair in Huntington, WV while preparing to fix your vehicle.

Use a skilled appraiser

Your insurance company will likely send their own appraiser to examine the damages of the car and calculate the cost. A good appraiser will identify all the damage done to your vehicle. You will want to discuss the possibility of more damages found while the repairs are being done and determine if the insurance is willing to pay for those additional repairs.

Choosing a repair shop

collision repair in Huntington WV
collision repair in Huntington WV

Your insurance company will likely give you a list of auto body shops that they typically send their policyholders to for repairs following an accident. This is known as a direct repair program facility or DRP; these shops have a connection with insurance companies, so it comes with advantages:

  • One-stop shop. Since direct repair programs have an affiliation with car insurance, you can take your car to one of these shops for an estimate, get it repaired, and receive a rental car in the meantime.
  • Quick repairs and easy payments. You will be able to get your car fixed quickly and have less paperwork to complete.
  • Quality standards. Insurance companies screen the DRP facilities to ensure they meet a certain level of quality for the customers.

On the other hand, getting your car repaired at an auto shop you know can be just as easy. If your car insurance is planning on covering the whole repair cost, you can easily receive an estimate, submit it to them, and they will send you a check to cover the cost of repair when you take it in.

Downsides to a DRP facility

  • Prior relationships. When you get in an accident and you know of a collision repair near me, you may not want to choose a shop that your insurance chooses and would rather choose one that you know you can trust.
  • DRP facility shops will not use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. These shops often use aftermarket car parts to reduce the cost of repairs for the insurance company. You may want to choose a shop that will use parts designed specifically for your car.

Repairing the vehicle

East End Body Shop is a skilled and well-liked auto body shop for collision repair in Huntington, WV. 

Your car may look like it only received a minor blow, but it may have more damage that is hidden. It may also seem like the damage wouldn’t be that expensive, but what may seem like a minor collision can cause extensive damage to the frame, wheels, interior, or drivetrain.

Repairing body damage may include popping dents back into place; some can easily be done using a paintless job technique, but not all of them are that lucky.

Paintless dent repair

Paintless dent removal (PDR) is the process of removing car dents without damaging the existing paint or needing to add more paint to the car. PDR can be lower in cost, time efficient, and eliminate the need to remove and restore the original car paint

You may choose to send your car to the dealership, a larger franchise, or a small mom-and-pop shop. During the process of the repair, the technician will use a variety of specifically designed tools to access the dent. Slowly, the panel will be reshaped to its original form, making it look new again without needing to touch the paint job.

If you are searching for “auto collision repair in Huntington, WV” East End Body Shop can be your go-to. The mechanics can give you more information about paintless dent repair and more about what you can expect to spend on the repair.

Paintless dent repair eligibility

Depending on your car and the extent of the damage, your situation may not fit the requirements for a paintless dent repair. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Vehicles with damaged paint don’t qualify

If the damage done to your car has caused the paint to already come off or start peeling, you will need to get it repaired using the traditional method.

  1. Only works on metal

Only the metal parts of your car can be repaired using the paintless method, but if the dented area is plastic, paintless dent repair is not an option.

  1. Certain locations on your vehicle are not accessible

The mechanic repairing the dent will need access to the area because they will need to massage the back part of the dent to pop it out. If the area the dent is located is not accessible using the tool, you will need to choose the traditional repair option.

collision repair in Huntington WV
collision repair in Huntington WV

Original manufacturer vs. aftermarket parts

It’s important that you know if the auto body shop you’re taking your car to uses original manufacturer parts (OEM) or aftermarket parts. OEMs are higher quality because they are originally made for your vehicle and are patented by the manufacturer. Aftermarket parts may be compatible, but they may be less effective.

Do your research

Before choosing the auto body shop for collision repair in Huntington, WV, do your research on the best shop around. You want to be sure the shop has a good reputation, uses the highest quality materials, and is not going to overcharge you. You will also want to research what warranties and guarantees the shop offers you.