Getting in a car accident can be overwhelming and flustering. The events following an accident will include speaking with your car insurance – whether you are at fault for the accident or not – and finding a repair shop following auto collisions in Huntington, WV.

The process of getting your car fixed after an accident can vary. It is likely that the police will be the first people to be at the scene of the accident and be the ones to inspect the accident. Then you will get an accident report that you can then take to your insurance. After you inform the insurance of the collision, some insurance companies want to send an inspector of their own, but other times they will leave it up to you to get an estimate of the damage. You will want to first figure out how to find an auto body shop to take your car to after an auto collision in Huntington, WV.

Use an insurance-recommended body shop

A convenient option that your insurance may offer is giving you a list of auto body shops to take your car for repairs following an accident. This is known as a direct repair program facility or DRP; these shops have a connection with insurance companies, so it comes with advantages:

  • One-stop shop. Since direct repair programs have an affiliation with car insurance, you can take your car to one of these shops for an estimate, get it repaired, and receive a rental car in the meantime.
  • Quick repairs and easy payments. You will be able to get your car fixed quickly and have less paperwork to complete.
  • Quality standards. Insurance companies screen the DRP facilities to ensure they meet a certain level of quality for the customers.

On the other hand, getting your car repaired at an auto shop you know can be just as easy. If your car insurance is planning on covering the entire repair cost, you can quickly receive an estimate, submit it to them, and they will send you a check to cover the repair cost when you take it in.

Auto Collisions in Huntington WV
Auto Collisions in Huntington WV

How to avoid auto collisions

Everyone should keep in mind how to stay safe on the road. The following are tips to avoid auto collisions in Huntington, WV.

  • Confirm directions

If you need to look at directions of where you’re going, you should look it up before you leave to avoid sudden turns, changing lanes, and stopping unexpectedly. 

  • Pay attention

It’s important to pay attention to the road ahead of you and the cars around you. Watch out for other cars braking or switching lanes, and pedestrians crossing the road. You should also stay aware of your blind spots to lower the risk of cutting someone off, especially when there might be small vehicles like motorcycles in your blind spot.

  • Avoid distractions

To avoid auto collisions in Huntington, WV, avoid distractions like your cell phone, loud music, and other people in the car. Even if you think you are just glancing at your phone for two seconds, something could happen in those seconds that can lead to a crash. The most updated version of the iPhone comes with a feature that allows you to silence your phone notifications when it senses that you are in the car. You can also use a Bluetooth function, so you can use your phone hands-free if you really need to. If you are driving with other people in the car, make sure you are keeping your full attention on the road and not on those around you.

  • Accommodate for bad weather

If the roads are wet, slushy, foggy or slippery, you should avoid driving on the road. If you need to drive in bad weather conditions, be sure to be extra careful and make sure you have the appropriate tires needed and working windshield wipers.

  • Control road rage

Even if you come across a crazy driver, don’t lose control. Getting aggravated while behind the wheel can negatively impact your driving and lead to auto collisions in Huntington, WV.

  • Maintain your vehicle

Be sure to stay updated on your vehicle’s car maintenance. Regularly check your tire pressure, wipers, wiper fluid, lights, and brakes. It is especially important to check these things before a long trip.

What to look for when searching for an auto body shop

  • Take word-of-mouth into consideration

You may find several advertisements for a few big companies, but those are not always your best option. You may find a small business that your friends and family recommend that will do a better-quality job. Small auto shop businesses tend to care more about their customers because they have a smaller clientele, and the owner may even be the one working on your car personally.

The personal experience you receive at auto body shops is just as important as the pricing and time frame of the repair.

  • Get several estimates done

Don’t settle for the first auto shop you find when searching “body shops near me.” If you want to avoid an auto shop overcharging you for a repair, it’s smart to take your car to a few different shops to get a quote from each one. 

You should not necessarily go for the cheapest one either. If an auto shop gives you a super cheap quote compared to the other shops, it may be a red flag that they will not fix it correctly. Be willing to spend money on the repair but not necessarily spend the most.

Auto Collisions in Huntington WV
Auto Collisions in Huntington WV

Be sure to ask the necessary questions

When searching for “auto body shops near me” to repair your car, be sure to find out all the necessary information regarding the work they will do. 

  • What kind of warranty comes with the repair work?
    • How long will the warranty last and what will it cover?
  • How long will the auto repair take?
    • This will depend on the extent of the damage and if the auto body shop has the parts needed to repair the damage
  • Does the auto body shop offer rental cars or loaner vehicles?
    • If you are going to be without a car for an extended amount of time, you may want to ask if the shop has a rental facility on or near the property that they will arrange a rental for you.
  • Is your car covered while it’s in the shop?
    • Does the auto body shop carry fire and theft insurance in case your car is damaged, destroyed, stolen or burglarized while it’s in the shop?
  • Will the paint match the rest of your car?
    • Cars usually have a paint code on a plate located in a door jam, under the hood, or in the trunk so you know the exact color if it needs to be repainted. Be sure the auto body shop has that color in stock and isn’t going to use one that is similar
  • How soon can you wash your car after a repair?
    • Especially after a paint job, it’s good to know if there is any restrictions on the next time you can wash your car.
  • What is the payment policy?
    • Payment policies may include rates of labor, cost of materials, warranty information, guarantees, and forms of payment they accept. Be sure to know all of this information before having them repair your car

If you are in need of an auto shop to take your car after auto collisions in Huntington, WV, consider East End Body Shop. At this shop, you will get excellent customer service, reasonable prices, and experienced mechanics.