Auto body collisions may result in needing a new paint job, whether it is from a major car accident or a minor fender bender. When you’re in need of a repair, you will likely search for “an auto body paint shop near me,” but you’ll also need to know how to choose your best option.

The following are tips for choosing the best auto body paint shop near me.

  • Recommendations

The first step in finding an auto body shop for your car paint job is to ask people you know in your area for recommendations for an auto body paint shop near me. Do your friends and family know a shop that delivered premium quality paint finishes and great customer service?

When it comes to your vehicle’s paint job, you want to ensure you find a mechanic that specializes in paint jobs so you know that you’re getting quality work. Do your research to find an “auto body paint shop near me” that advertises for their paintwork. If the company is advertising for this specialty, they are likely to operate at the higher end of the automotive repair sector and usually have a reputation for producing quality refinishes and repairs.

auto body paint shop near me
auto body paint shop near me

Are they a recognized shop?

Skilled trades are now usually governed by organizations that maintain high standards and recognize businesses that have forged reputations for their top-quality work. You can also look for certifications the auto body paint shop has received. If the shop has any, they often hang them framed in the waiting area, so you can see them. This can be a good sign that it’s a reputable auto body shop.

  • Look for top-quality

When choosing an auto body paint shop near me, find a shop that uses the best specialist trade materials. Your paint shop should be using one of the particular paint schemes that are universally recognized to ensure quality work such as Arko Nobel, PPG, or Dupont. The shop should also use a chrome spray paint like PChrome.

Choose a company that also uses environmentally safe water-borne color materials instead of isocyanate-based paints. Reputable shops will use the top-end suppliers for consumables, tools, and equipment. 

  • Inspect the shop’s premises

When you visit the shop, pay attention to the traffic and how clean and organized it is. If the shop seems to never have customers, it may be because people have had bad experiences with it. If the place is cluttered, dirty, or disorganized, that might reflect what kind of work you can expect them to do on your car. It is also nice to find an auto shop with friendly mechanics. It’s never going to be a good experience if you are dealing with a grouchy mechanic working on your car.

Insurance preferences

A convenient option that your insurance may offer is giving you a list of auto body shops to take your car for repairs following an accident. This is known as a direct repair program facility or DRP; these shops have a connection with insurance companies, so it comes with advantages:

  • One-stop shop. Since direct repair programs have an affiliation with car insurance, you can take your car to one of these shops for an estimate, get it repaired, and receive a rental car in the meantime.
  • Quick repairs and easy payments. You will be able to get your car fixed quickly and have less paperwork to complete.
  • Quality standards. Insurance companies screen the DRP facilities to ensure they meet a certain level of quality for the customers
  • View finished work

When doing research on auto body paint shops, find reviews that people have submitted photos of their finished work. The auto body shop may also have pictures on their website or ones you can request to see showing their quality work. Check for examples of dust or grit in the finished paintwork and that the color matches the rest of the car.

  • Guarantees

A reputable auto body paint shop should have no problem guaranteeing their work. It’s common for well-known companies to offer a guarantee of up to 5 years. Returned work costs them money and only the best workshops will offer long-term deals on work quality.

auto body paint shop near me
auto body paint shop near me

Questions to ask about auto body paint shops

  • What prep work does the shop do?

Prep work is important in the outcome of a paint job. The auto body paint shop should remove the trim, badges, grilles, door handles, and headlines before painting to ensure there is no over-spray on the other parts of the car.

  • Are the technicians qualified?

You will want to make sure the technicians at your shop are qualified to do paint jobs. If they don’t advertise for auto painting, you should ask if there is someone with training and certifications to be sure they can do the job.

  • Is the shop clean?

Paint shops should be clean to reduce the risk of the paint or chrome being contaminated. A premium-quality shop should have a negative-pressure downdraft booth and should clean its filters on a regular schedule.

  • Does it use high-quality equipment and paint?

A shop that invests in high-quality equipment demonstrates that it prides itself on offering excellent work.

  • Does the shop chrome the parts in-house?

Traditional chroming requires the shop to send your parts elsewhere, but it is ideal if your paint shop can use PChrome chrome spray because it will save you time and money while still getting a mirror-like finish like traditional chroming offers.

  • Does the shop offer warranties?

Getting your car repainted after an accident can be expensive, so be sure to ask the paint shop if they offer a warranty on the paint job which should cover both the materials that are used and the workmanship.

It’s vital that you ask the right questions when searching for an auto body shop to repaint your car after an accident. 

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