You’ve probably wondered: Why is auto-body care important? And why should you be paying attention to your car? There are many reasons, from the appearance of a scuffed bumper to the health of your frame. The goal of our experts, of body shop in Huntington West Virginia, is taking care of your car. This is not only important for the health of your vehicle, but it can also help you avoid accidents. 

Our experts at East end body shop in Huntington West Virginia will take care of your car’s body and help you avoid further damage in the future. Auto-body care is vital whether you’ve been involved in a collision or have minor damages. Having a car that needs auto body repairs is a major pain, and it’s essential to keep your vehicle in good condition to last for years to come. That way, you can be assured of quality results and peace of mind.

How To Clean Your Car Properly?

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The importance of cleaning the car is undeniable. Dirt and grime clog car windows and harm the paint, reducing visibility and causing costly repairs. Dirty windows reduce visibility, resulting in higher chances of an accident. Additionally, the smallest amount of bird poop can deteriorate the finish of the car. Getting your car cleaned properly can reduce the risks of an accident by up to 90%!

Apart from visual appeal, cleaning your car thoroughly also has other advantages. A clean car reflects better light, improves visibility, and makes you safer on the road. All of these benefits are reinforced when you clean your car properly. You’ll also feel more organized in life. Thus, cleaning your car regularly will make a world of difference. And what’s more, you can even start feeling better about yourself!

Cars need a lot of care, and automobile cleaning is no different. From dry wash and tire shine to wiping and polishing dashboards and door jambs, there are several things you need to remember and do for your car. You can learn more about how to clean your car in this article. This article will cover everything from washing the exterior to how to clean the interior. Just follow these steps to get a sparkling car in no time.

Hand Wash & Dry

Among the many methods of automobile cleaning, hand wash & dry is the most thorough. Unlike automatic car washing, hand washing & dry requires higher touch, and you can get into crevices. Unlike conventional carwashes, waterless car washes don’t remove heavy gunk, such as mud and dust. They don’t approach the slickness of a foamy handwash, but they do remove a lot of dust. A rinseless car wash of  body shop in Huntington West Virginia doesn’t remove heavy soiling and is a better option for those with limited space or a water shortage. In addition, waterless washes do not dry as quickly as handwashes and can leave scratches on your car’s finish.

Wheels and Tires Shine

Tire dressing products are a great option for enhancing the shine of tires and wheels. They are also relatively easy to use and apply. It’s best to use a tire dressing product that contains no alcohol or other chemicals that might harm your tires. There are several different tire dressing products on the market, both expensive and cheap. Depending on your budget, you can buy a high-quality product or opt for a DIY kit.

Vacuum Interior and Spot Cleaning

One way to get your car looking brand new again is by vacuuming the inside of your vehicle. The interior can be quite dusty, and you should start with the dashboard. The angle of the windshield can make it hard to reach certain areas. However, you might need to purchase a specialized automotive cleaner to get the best results.

Wipe & Shine Dashboards and Door Jambs

When it comes to automobile cleaning, dashboards, and door jambs are often neglected. However, it’s crucial to thoroughly clean them at least once a month for the best results. Dashboards and door jambs are particularly important, as they take the most abuse from frequent driving. Wipe them down regularly with a damp microfiber towel to keep your car looking clean. Seats and door jambs are also often neglected, so make sure to wash and dry these surfaces too.

Plastic Vents

It’s a relatively simple task to clean the vents of your automobile. Using soap and water will usually get the job done, but if the grime is particularly tough, you can try using a disinfectant spray. You can also try a foam paintbrush to clean the vents as it is inexpensive and can get into hard-to-reach areas. Q-tip brushes can get into corners that ordinary cleaners can’t.

Cracks and Cup Holders

While car detailing can be fun, there are a few areas where you might find it more difficult to clean. For example, cracks and cup holders can get dirty over time. Even if you take great care to make sure that your cup holders are secure, spills will still happen from time to time. And if you have kids, you probably have a sticky mess leftover from their snacks. While it may seem like a hassle to clean these areas, there are some tips to get rid of the mess.

The first step in automotive cleaning involves getting rid of the mess. You can place a microfiber cloth over the spot or spray some detailing spray to remove the residue. If you’re in a hurry, you can even wipe it out with a napkin. However, you shouldn’t wait too long before cleaning your cup holders. Many people leave these areas unclean and leave residue behind. The best way to deal with these areas is to thoroughly clean them once a week.

Interior Glass Cleaning

When it comes to interior glass cleaning for automobiles, the process is pretty similar to washing and waxing your car. Body shop in Huntington West Virginia prepares the area around the windows and door panels by laying out towels and newspaper. This will help minimize the amount of dust and dirt that will collect around the glass. You can also try a clay bar to remove contaminants trapped between the glass and its surrounding surface. The wipes are also recommended for exterior windows as well as automobile glass.

Rain X Applied to the Windshield

Before you begin to use Rain-X on your automobile’s windshield, be sure to thoroughly clean it. The product will not work well if it has dust or other contaminants. Next, you should apply the substance with a microfiber cloth in a circular pattern from top to bottom. Afterward, you can wipe off the excess with a paper towel. Repeat the procedure for better results. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the windshield, you should apply Rain-X again.

Bug & Tar Removal

It’s a fact: bugs and tar will ruin the paint job on your car. They can be difficult to remove, leaving unsightly marks. Most bugs are sticky, so it’s best to remove them as soon as possible. Road tar is another common problem that car owners face. Tar spots are usually found on lower areas of the car, such as the bumper. Fortunately, several products on the market will safely and effectively remove road tar and bugs.

Bug & tar removers are specially formulated to remove sticky substances from cars. Insects will have a hard time sticking to a slippery surface. Once they have a weak bond, they will be easier to remove. To prevent bugs from sticking to the surface of your car, use a product with a thick consistency. It may be necessary to dilute it a little first before applying it. If you’re not sure which product to use, you can do a Google search or ask one of experts at body shop in Huntington West Virginia.

Engine Clean

Think again if you’ve ever thought that cleaning your engine is easy. This complex process can be dangerous, and you could end up burning your fingers. It exposes your car to risk, but it could also lead to further damage to your vehicle’s parts. The best time to clean your engine is in the morning when the engine has had all night to cool off. You should also leave this task to the professionals if you want to get the best results.

Body shop in Huntington West Virginia professionally provides detailed engine that improves the look of your car and can also increase its resale value. Clean engines make it much easier to sell a car, making trading in a vehicle easier. A clean engine also reduces emissions, which makes driving more pleasant. Clean engines also save you money on future repairs. If you don’t like the smell of a contaminated engine, try to have it cleaned regularly.

Using a steam cleaner is another excellent method for engine cleaning. You can purchase one inexpensively online. To begin, start at the top of the engine to scrub away dirt and grime. Next, move down the engine. Use a rag to remove any excess grease or cleaning products when you’re finished. Once it’s clean, you can let it air dry. Once it’s completely dry, the steam cleaner will help protect your car’s value.

Summing up

It’s never fun to have an accident or get into an accident, but sometimes, it’s simply impossible to avoid. Some scenarios are out of your control – other drivers, weather, road conditions, and other factors. It’s good to keep your car in good shape by using autobody care.