It is heartbreaking to see that someone else was the reason for the dent in your car and the only thought that will cross your mind at that time is how can someone hit a parked car? But unfortunately, there will be no one to clear the mist in the air or lend a sympathetic ear. Now that the job is done and there is already a dent in one of your most cherished possessions, you cannot fret for more prolonged and think of practical solutions that can help you and not make a hole in your pocket. You will need a good auto body repair in Huntington WV.

The point to note here is that if you are able to create a thorough investigation and get successful in finding out who is the culprit, you can be covered under their insurance, or if they don’t have insurance at the place, your UMPD (Uninsured Motorist Property Damage) coverage might pay for the incurred damage. 

There will be high chances that you start looking out for an auto body repair in Huntington, WV, to get your car fixed and continue the day as usual. While you are 100% correct about it, you also should not forget that collecting evidence of the collision is primary to make the process of insurance claims brisk. 

Assess Accident Spots and Away From Accident Spot

Accident Spot: If your parked car has been hit, it is essential that instead of worrying about different situations, you should click the pictures of the dent from various other angles, the reason why we at East End Body, an auto body repair in Huntington WV say this is because images will determine the impact of the collision. Both close ups and long shots will make the insurance process more robust that will save a lot of your time and, needless to say, money. While you are observing the accident spot, talk to people in the vicinity about the incident. If you are lucky enough, get the CCTV footage and the contact details of any eyewitness of the incident. This is because when they need to testify in court, you can contact them.

Not At The Accident Spot: When you have performed your due diligence, now is the time to lodge an FIR at the nearest police station without any delay. Right after you do this, inform your insurance service provider either via phone or email.

We will be discussing all the important points on what needs to be done further in the article. 

How Will Insurance Pay If Someone Hits My Parked Car? 

Auto Body Repair in Huntington WV

If anyone hits your parked car and does not leave a note, it can be a potential case of hit and run on a parked vehicle. By this piece of information, you should know that it is considered a serious offense and that if the offender is caught, they are required to pay for the damage. As it is pronounced that you are not able to find the culprit and the right step is to contact the insurance company.

There are mostly two types of insurance coverage involved that can compensate for your damage, namely “Collision Coverage” and “UMPD (Uninsured Motorist Property Damage) coverage” let us take a closer look at them before you take your vehicle to auto body repair in Huntington WV.

  • Collision Coverage: This form of coverage help in paying the cost of the repairs to your vehicle if only it is hit by another vehicle. Surprisingly this form of coverage also pays the cost of your repairs if you hit another car. Unlike some ranges, you don’t set a limit for collision. The most collision coverage will pay is based on the actual cash value of the vehicle, and the rest of the deductible needs to go from your pocket. 

You can go for collision coverage because it can be used no matter who is at fault, you are not stuck paying the entire bill, and you are enabled to pay the bills while the claim is still under investigation.

  • Uninsured Motorist Property Damage coverage: It protects you in cases where someone hits your car, and either is uninsured or doesn’t have insurance. Not only does it provide repair costs to fix your vehicle, but it also covers your medical bills if you are injured after the collision.  

What Actions Should You Take After Someone Hits Your Car 

Auto Body Repair in Huntington WV

Someone smashed into your vehicle and left a message. While this isn’t an excellent circumstance to be in, however, you’ll have a clue to rectify the issue.

Here are the steps you need to follow if you found a note left behind after your car was struck.

1. Contact driver

The note should contain the contact information of the other driver and, ideally, their insurance details. If the insurance details are absent, you should contact the driver to obtain the name of their insurance company and policy number.

2. Contact the police

Although the incident may appear to be minor, it’s a great idea to notify the police in case of any reason. The police will issue an official report on the incident, and dependent on the severity of the incident may be required to make the insurance claim.

Certain states also require that you make a police statement if injuries, damage to the person, or death results from the incident.

3. Note the incident

Take a walk around the site of the incident and make notes on what you notice. If your vehicle was struck when parked on the street, talk to anyone who was nearby to find out what they saw. Keep track of the names of anyone who witnessed the incident.

Make use of your smartphone to capture photographs. Include pictures of the damage done to the vehicle or injuries that have occurred (if appropriate) as well as any other relevant information. The more photos you capture and include, the better prepared you will be when dealing with insurance companies or the police.

4. Contact an insurance company

If you weren’t in your vehicle at the time, then you will not have a bodily harm claim but only an insurance claim for property damage. So, you could contact the insurance company instead of an attorney. If this is the case, you can start the process of claiming insurance begun by calling the insurance company as soon as you have learned of the incident. It is easier to recall the details of the accident is much simpler if you call your insurance company right away rather than putting off the phone call.

If you believe it was the responsibility of the driver who struck your car, If you believe it was the driver’s fault, you may be able to claim damages from the other driver’s insurance policy. If you’re covered by collision coverage in your insurance plan, You have the option to make a claim through your insurance company too.

5. Avoid Road Rage and Come to Agreeable terms 

The other best thing you can do is negotiate with the person who hit your car. This will help both the parties and eliminate all the hassle. If the person who hits your car is unwilling to talk the situation out, you must avoid getting enraged in such a situation because it will only add up to the list of daunting work that you already have to go through.

6. What Are The Important Documents Required For Car Insurance Claims 

You need to keep every document handy to expedite the process in the future, and they are mentioned below:

  • Car insurance policy details: undeniably one of the basic requirements
  • Details of the insured vehicle
  • Name of the insured person
  • Registered contact numbers
  • Details of cars against which the four-wheeler insurance has been purchased
  • Details about the accident
  • Details of the loss

7. Book An Appointment And Get Auto Body Repair in Huntington WV

Last but the least, bring your car to East End Body Shop because the insurance company is already going to take a long time in processing your claim, and trust us, you don’t want to roam around in your car with a big dent. The process can either last for a week or can take as long as a month, depending on the pieces of evidence that pan out after the investigation. 

Dents and scratches can become a reason for rust to start entering your car’s body, and it is a must that you hand your vehicle to the professionals for Auto Body Repair in Huntington, WV, to avoid any further damage. 

At East End Body Shop, we understand how frustrating the entire process of claiming the insurance is. That is why we provide the best care to your car and provide an unbeatable customer service experience so that you are well informed about our services beforehand. What’s more? You also get a fair price deal when you are associated with us and free cost estimation.