In the model year 2021, over 50 vehicles received the top honor of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It’s the most significant number of IIHS Top Safety Pick+ awards to date. Our experts at East End Body Shop, the best Collision repair in Huntington WV says that  IIHS is sponsored through the industry of insurance as a crash testing organization that conducts tests such as small-overlap front with driver side and moderate-overlap rear, side, roof strength, and small-overlap test for the passenger side, as well as head restraint tests. 

The highest honor given to the group called the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ is awarded only when a car scores Good scores in the six tests, earns a Good or Acceptable score for headlights, and earns an advanced or superior rating in crash prevention systems. The vehicles on this listing received the IIHS’s Best Safety Pick+ award in 2021.

Road safety is something that we ought to be worried about. Based on the most recent statistics on deaths in traffic of the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), The numbers appear to be moving towards the right direction overall, dropping by 2 percent in the first quarter of 2019. NHTSA states that even impaired fatalities in driving are not as high as in 1982. NHTSA started releasing the statistics in 1982.

But, while the overall number of deaths may have decreased, many people took advantage of the less traffic during quarantine to take advantage of an excuse to speed. According to a study from October 2020, the number of fatal accidents per mile traveled in the first quarter of 2020 was at its highest level it’s been in the past decade. It’s evident that there are less Collision repairs in Huntington WV and accidents will still occur, despite an increase of 2 percent, the number of traffic-related deaths in 2019. The ground reality is that there’s plenty of work to be completed.

The risky behaviors of speeding, driving a car under the influence, or not wearing a seatbelt are just some of the variables that impact these figures. Automobile manufacturers want to make sure that severe injury or death can be avoided when they are involved in an incident with another vehicle or pedestrians. Modern technology like automatic crash mitigation devices can help with this. From headlights that are affixed to the curtain airbags to the head that can follow the car’s driving angle, today’s cars have a variety of modern driver assistance technologies that have all had an impact. However, certain features are more effective than others.

Lower gas prices and economic boom are two reasons that are cited to explain why more drivers and more deaths on the roads. The other reason is distracted driving caused by our mobile phones. We’re constantly texting, looking for the latest Pandora stations, and browsing the web while driving than we ever have before.

Crash Statistics To Know The Most Secure Cars

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Have a look at some of the crash data for America and across the globe in accordance with the Association For Safe International Road Travel for 2021. Our Collision repairs in Huntington WV also have an opinion on these stats to be somewhat accurate and strict actions must be taken to prevent them. 

Yearly United States Road Crash Statistics

  • Almost 37,000 people die in crashes on the road every year. Further, more than 2.35 million people are disabled or injured.
  • More than 1,600 children who are less than 15 years old per year die, and around 8,000 people are killed in accidents involving drivers aged 16 to 20.
  • Accidents on the roads result in an estimated U.S. $230.6 billion per year or approximately $820 per person.

Looking at these stats, it can be said that road accidents are the single leading cause of death for health U.S. citizens traveling abroad.

Now let’s look at the Global Road Crash Statistics.

  • A little over 1.3 million victims of road accidents die every year, with an average of 387 deaths per day. A further 20-50 million are disabled or injured.
  • The majority of deaths in traffic accidents are among young adults aged between 15 and 44.
  • Road traffic accidents rank as the 9th most fatal cause of death and are responsible for 2.2 percent of all deaths worldwide.
  • Every year, almost 400,000 people less than 25 years old die on roads around the world, with an average of more than 1,000 people dying every day.
  • More than 90% of road deaths are in middle and low-income countries, with less than half the world’s automobiles.
  • Road accidents result in $518 billion worldwide, each country 1 to 2 percent of its GDP. Road accidents cost low- and middle-income countries $65 billion annually, more than development aid.

If no action is taken to prevent road traffic accidents, they are expected to be the number five most fatal cause of death in 2030. 

For those who appreciate the importance of safety, particularly if they have children or a baby, mechanic experts at East End Body Shop, the best Collision repairs in Huntington WV  have written  this article to help you understand what kind of car will protect you best in a collision. Let’s review the safest automobiles and SUVs and what to be looking for in these vehicles.

Safety according to Its Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS)

In America, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is the leading authority for car protection. Following them, our experts at East End Body Shop have to say regarding what you should look at in a vehicle for better security.

Frontal crashworthiness

It would be best if you were looking for high ratings during frontal tests. Newer models typically score top marks in frontal crashworthiness during the federal government’s 35-mph test. The vehicle is pushed head-on into an impenetrable barrier and the IIHS 40 moderate overlap test at 40 mph into an elastic barrier.

A few, but not all, late-model vehicles receive acceptable or high scores from IIHS to protect you in a frontal small overlap collision.

Roof strength

Find a strong roof. IIHS assesses the strength of roofs to help buyers select vehicles that have roofs that are strong enough to stand up to the event of a rollover. Strong roofs lower the chance of inflicting fatal or permanent injuries during an accident. Ratings started with 2008-09 models.

Side crashworthiness

Pick a car that has good side ratings, as well as airbags on the sides to ensure your head is protected. IIHS and NHTSA evaluate models on the basis of tests that simulate front-to-side collisions. Tests simulate different hazards of side-impact.

Vehicles with high scores on the IIHS side-barrier test are 70% less likely to be killed in a crash involving a driver than drivers of less assessed vehicles. A majority of models from 2008 and later include side airbags in standard equipment.

Head restraints

Select a car with a top head restraint and seat rating to prevent whiplash injuries that occur in an event of a rear-end collision. Seat/head restraints that are rated as good by the IIHS have 15 percent fewer accidents resulting from neck injuries than those with poor ratings.

It is possible to increase security by adjusting your head restraints to suit your head.

Electronic stability control

Choose a car equipped with ESC. It’s available in 2012 and later models and older models. A further expansion of antilock brake technology ESC activates itself automatically to aid drivers in maintaining control over curving roads and slippery roads.

ESC reduces the chance of a fatal single-vehicle accident by half and reduces the danger of a rollover that causes death by more than 80 percent.

Car Weight

The most secure cars usually weigh between 3,500 pounds. This weight category of 3,500 and 4,500 pounds ensures that vehicles are safe in encounters with more oversized vehicles. It covers aspects such as full-size SUVs and limits the dangers to the drivers of lighter, smaller cars like compact cars.

The smaller, lighter cars generally provide less protection than heavier, larger ones. Drivers in lighter vehicles suffer higher impact forces when they are struck by heavier vehicles.


Go to the NHTSA website for recalls before purchasing, and ensure repairs are completed.

I wanted to point out what the IIHS stated in case you’re not convinced of my simplistic picture reasoning above. I’m sure a few people don’t like larger vehicles due to your desire to protect the environment.

But if you genuinely would like to save the planet and the planet, you wouldn’t even be driving a car at all! It would be a walk in the park, without shoes. You could also join an environmental conservation occupation and be naked in the woods to lessen your carbon footprint.

The Best Cars to Purchase and SUVs To Purchase

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In the broad assumption that more significant is better, we’ll look at different top-rated cars for safety based on different magazines. IIHS some of the to safest Cars you can look For Under $30,000 is Chrysler 200, Toyota Avalon Sedan, Toyota RAV4 Mini-SUV, Volkswagen Passat Sedan, Nissan Maxima Sedan

If you’re looking to expand your budget, here are some of the safer automobiles under $40,000

Hyundai Genesis Sedan, Honda Odyssey Minivan, Toyota Highlander SUV, Volvo XC60, Volvo S60 Sedan

In a nutshell 

Remember to trust your gut instincts. You should trust your gut feeling and believe that all the positive reviews are authentic. If you don’t feel confident about the information you have gathered, you can always look at other companies.

Nobody likes to get into accidents. This is why it is the most crucial decision which vehicle to choose. There are many options on the market, so it is not easy to choose. However, if you feel confident about the East End Body Shop, your car will be handled with ease once you have given it to them. This guide is a great resource to keep handy when you are looking for a collision repair in Huntington WV.