How do you know if you’re taking your vehicle to the top auto body experts in huntington west virginia? We all want the best auto shop for quality work at a fair cost. Most people can attest to the difficulty of finding a mechanic they can trust. You need to take care of your vehicle, no matter if you require a basic dent repair service or if it requires major mechanical work. Doing it wrong can cause more damage and increase your car’s value.

The East End Body shop always recommends everyone to drive responsibly. Because the repercussions of a car damage are cumbersome and take a huge chink of your time in repairing the damage and if there someone harmed you might have to go to the hospital.

It’s (unfortunately) not uncommon that auto body shops take advantage of customers by either overcharging them or doing less-than-satisfactory work. There are numerous mechanics to choose from. How do you know if you’re taking your vehicle to the top auto body experts in huntington west virginia?

These are a few tips that will help you understand what to look for in the right autobody expert in huntington west virginia

Get your personal recommendations.

Some responsibilities come with owning a vehicle. You must be a responsible driver and take your vehicle to a professional for repairs after an accident. Ask your friends and family for recommendations for a good auto repair shop if you don’t have a trusted shop. While some people might recommend larger, more well-known repair shops, others may prefer smaller shops.

Read reviews

After you’ve compiled a list of recommended shops, it is time to start reading reviews. Search online for the shop name and address and browse through reviews. You can learn more about a shop by reading what customers say. Both positive and negative reviews will help improve your understanding of it. You might also find the ratings of shops on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Find out which questions to ask.

Consider your search for an auto shop like you would hire an employee. A repair shop should be reliable, trustworthy, fair, and honest. Asking the right questions is the best way to find out these qualities before bringing your vehicle in for repairs.

Are You a Pro with My Make-up and Model of the car?

Different auto shops may not serve the same types of cars. While some shops might be able to service foreign cars, others may not. Some shops specialize in high-end vehicles, while others do not. It is essential to ensure that your shop can handle your vehicle’s requirements.

Many cars today are hybrids or electric, for example. These cars require complex and sometimes custom spare parts that are not easily accessible by all shops.

Ask any auto shop if they have experience with your car make and model. You can gauge their comfort with the details of your vehicle and ask them questions if they are hesitant.

What is your Warranty Policy?

auto body experts in huntington west virginia

Auto body shops that are trustworthy stand behind their work. A favourable warranty policy is an excellent way to show your support, especially for large jobs such as engine repairs or paint jobs.

You can have some assurance that nothing could go wrong. There are two key things to consider when looking into a warranty policy.

Warranty Minimum

One-year warranties are the most common, but some shops offer up to three-year contracts. This warranty is great for jobs such as paint jobs or post-collision repairs.

Red Flags in Warranty

You should be aware that auto shops may offer a warranty that is too good to be true.

Many auto body experts in huntington west virginia will offer “lifetime warranties” on their work. This type of guarantee is not feasible for auto body shops.

Is your Auto Body Experts in Huntington West Virginia insured?

It is very important that you ask the auto body shop if insurance coverage covers the vehicles. You should get compensation from the insurance company if your vehicle is damaged by an auto shop that is set on fire, floods, or suffers from a natural catastrophe.

Ask about the policy coverage for theft and damage to your vehicle. It is essential to know that your car will be protected in the event of theft or damage by anyone on the premises.

Are You Using Aftermarket and New Parts?

If they have to replace something on their vehicle, most drivers believe that new parts will be the best choice. Although brand new parts can be significant, they can also be very expensive. You will pay a lot if your auto body shop insists that they only use new parts for replacements. You will find shops that use used or aftermarket parts at a lower price. Also, their warranty will protect you in case of an accident.

Are you charging hourly rates or set costs?

auto body experts in huntington west virginia

How much the auto body experts in huntington west virginia shop charges could have a significant impact on your overall repair cost.

Hourly rates can sometimes be extremely high due to location. The labour costs for a shop located in an area with a higher median salary can reach $70 to $90 per hour.

A place that charges per job might be more suitable depending on the type of work required, especially for more minor repairs.

What qualifications do your mechanics have?

You want your vehicle to be taken to a qualified professional. Some auto body shops will have their workers’ certifications. Ask about their minimum requirements for employees if they don’t have them.

Look into Reviews for Auto Body Experts in Huntington West Virginia.

It’s always a good idea to check online reviews and ratings. Unfortunately, online reviews and ratings are not always reliable. Fake reviews and poor ratings of the auto body experts in huntington west virginia can be easily gathered by businesses, which can then be removed. Many companies cherry-pick the studies that appear on their sites so that you only see the positive stuff.

You can look deeper by visiting third-party sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List. Facebook Pages or local forums are great places to start looking at what other customers think about auto body shops in your region.

Word of mouth is also essential. You can get great advice from your neighbours, friends, and coworkers about where to go and what to avoid.

Compare Auto Body Experts in Huntington West Virginia

Before deciding which shop offers the best deal, gather as many estimates as possible. We recommend you visit at least five to ten auto body shops and request quotes from each one.

Please pay attention to how they calculate the estimate. They should base their assessment on the average cost of materials and the time it will take.

It would be preferred if you did not go to the lowest price shop. This could indicate that they are trying to cut corners in order to keep costs down. It could also mean that you will end up paying more to repair the work they did.

Ask your insurance provider.

Asking your insurance provider for help can also help you to find the best auto shop.

Local mechanics are often a part of car insurance companies networks. This is an excellent resource if you need to have collision damage repaired or any other work that is covered under your insurance.

Pay attention to the little details.

Although auto body shops don’t have to be spotless, they should strive for a clean and welcoming environment.

You might not want your car to go to an auto body shop that smells or looks old. This could indicate that the shop uses dirty parts and tools or doesn’t care about organization and cleanliness.

It will be easier to work with places that are clean, well-organized, and have happy employees.

It will be challenging to reach the front desk if the shop doesn’t have someone to answer the phones. This could cause frustration and significant problems down the line. For a better customer experience, it may be worth spending a little more.


The best auto body experts in huntington west virginia will be local ones that provide reliable work at a fair cost. When researching local auto shops, knowing what to look out for is the best way to locate one you can trust.

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