It can be stressful to travel during the holiday season because of the increase in drivers on U.S. roads each year. You need to be aware of possible dangers while driving during holidays. For your safe traveling, East End Body shop is here to suggest some of the tips for safe driving during the holidays so that you and your family can be safe and reach your destination without a scratch. 

You must be mindful of what you do and how you can minimize the risk to yourself and others. Family and friends can enjoy holiday celebrations and other gatherings. 

These celebrations can quickly become a tragedy if people are injured or killed in an accident. Other driving-related offences such as DUI charges and traffic citations can dampen holiday celebrations.

You must ensure your vehicle is ready for long-distance travel.

Your vehicle must be in top shape to allow you to travel long distances safely. Here are some tips for safe driving during the holidays so that you can make sure your vehicle is ready to travel long distances.

  • Before you leave, check the vehicle with an automotive mechanic.
  • Ensure that your car is maintained throughout the year.
  • Before you go for long-distance travel, make any necessary repairs
  • You should check the brakes and seat belts in your car
  • Reduce the clutter in your car
  • Use your seatbelt and insist on your passengers doing the same

These steps will help prevent your vehicle’s breakdown during your travels. Avoid distractions wherever possible. To avoid being distracted while driving, you should put your phone down and get enough sleep the night before to avoid driving drowsy.

Make Your Trip Planned in Advance

Tips for Safe Driving During the Holidays

Planning ahead is a great tip for holiday travel. Which includes:

  • Ensure that you have enough rest stops throughout your trip
  • In case of emergency, traveling with someone who can drive
  • Before you leave, plot the route to your destination
  • Before you leave, inform others about your travel plans
  • Before you go, make sure your cell phones are fully charged
  • Packing appropriately will ensure you have a clear view from the rear of your car.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals before you drive
  • Get enough sleep before driving

Keep an eye out for any changes in the weather.

When traveling long distances over the holidays, weather can pose a danger. You could be delayed or cancelled by a severe snowstorm or rainstorm. At its worst, inclement weather could make roads unsafe and put you at risk of being in an accident due to road hazards.

Check local weather stations before you depart for your trip. They can provide information about the weather conditions in the next few days. If you see signs of poor or dangerous weather, it is best to reroute your trip or delay your departure date if possible.

Listen to the weather reports during your trip as often as you can. Ask your passengers to give you weather updates if they travel along with you. Avoid dangerous weather conditions and get off the road immediately. Once the weather is clear, you can wait at a safe location until it is safe to travel again.

Avoid heavy traffic

Holiday traffic can cause congestion on interstates and highways. Avoid heavy holiday traffic by planning your route and staying updated via your car’s GPS or radio.

To avoid traffic jams, find alternate routes or take less busy roads. Consider travelling at a time when traffic is less frequent, such as in the morning.

Always drive defensively

Negligent or reckless drivers are the most dangerous dangers on the roads during the holiday season. Avoid collisions with reckless or negligent drivers by driving defensively at all costs.

You may need to be aware of your surroundings and react quickly to sudden movements from other motorists. Keep to the speed limit, and allow enough space between you and other vehicles to give yourself enough time to react quickly to sudden stops and other unpredictable behaviour.

Distancing yourself from reckless drivers is another way to keep your distance. You can switch lanes and speed up or down to put enough distance between you and another driver if you feel uncomfortable around them.

Follow Traffic Laws

When driving, you must observe traffic laws. Respecting traffic laws includes obeying the speed limit and yielding when necessary.

It would help if you were alert for any changes in traffic laws, especially when you travel through multiple states. You should also be aware of changes in speed limits and whether your state has left-lane laws that allow slower traffic to pass in the right lane.

Remember to permanently move to the far left lane when approaching a vehicle, not in working order or law enforcement.

Prepare for Emergencies

Tips for Safe Driving During the Holidays

This can be one of the best tips for safe driving during the holidays before you leave, be ready for anything. It would be best if you always had a fully charged cell phone, batteries for flashlights, as well as a spare tire and other essential items.

You might also consider making an emergency travel bag to carry with you on your trip. It would help if you had basic supplies like:

  • Kit and supplies for first aid
  • Thick blankets
  • Replacement batteries and flashlights
  • Road flares
  • Energy-rich foods, nutrition bars, and water
  • You can use rock salt, sand, or cat litter for tires.

We hope these tips for safe driving during the holidays have helped you prepare your plan for safe driving to your relatives. But here are a few more tips for you drivers and child passenger safety tips for safe driving during holidays that must not be overlooked. 

Safety tips for drivers

  • Don’t drive if you are impaired by alcohol or drugs. Do not permit your friends and family to drive while impaired. Driving while impaired by alcohol was responsible for more than 10100 deaths in crashes in 2019. To protect yourself and others, you can designate a sober driver if you drink alcohol or use drugs. You can also call a cab or roadside service.
  • Don’t distract yourself by using your phone to send or read a text message, access email or use social media. You should not send or read a text while driving. This will take your eyes off of the road for five seconds. That’s equivalent to driving 55 mph with your eyes closed. You must pay attention to every detail when driving safely.
  • Before you set out on the road, make sure to check the weather conditions. It would help if you drove at a safe speed in both road conditions and weather conditions.

Child passenger safety tips

Children are at the highest risk of being killed in motor vehicle accidents. However, you can make a positive difference by ensuring that your children are properly buckled. You can protect your family and prevent injury during the holidays.

  • Children can be buckled in age- and size-appropriate car seats, boosters, or seat belts to reduce the chance of serious injuries or death in a crash.
  • Car seats and boosters are safer for children if they are appropriately used. Make sure your child is on the correct seat in the car. Learn how to avoid common mistakes.
  • Under a car seat harness, bulky or puffy coats are not recommended. It is difficult to tighten a car-seat harness when wearing bulky clothing properly. Unfastened harnesses can cause serious injuries and even remove the suspension from the vehicle.
    • Instead, buckle the harness properly first and then cover the child with a blanket or coat. The harness will not be affected, and the child will remain warm. You can find more information on the Winter Car Seat Safety Tips webpage external Icon at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) website.
  • Children 12 years old and under should be properly buckled in back seats.
  • You can set a good example and use a seatbelt all the time.


It is possible to prevent motor vehicle accident deaths and injuries. To ensure everyone’s safety on the roads during the holiday season, buckle up and drive safely. Hopefully, this blog post has been a great help to you guys, and we can ensure these tips for safe driving during the holidays will come in handy when it comes to preventing any mishap.