Car accidents aren’t always pleasant, especially when looking for a rear-ended repair in Huntington, West Virginia. Still, these details will help you get the most favorable outcome. We at the East End Body Shop are here to help with the problems you might incur in the future.

Accidents happen to anyone at any time with your hands wrapped around the hot coffee as you bob your head to the beat. Then, you feel the sound of steel when your neck has been violently jerked between your neck and the ground. The driver in front of you has caused a collision with your vehicle, perhaps while looking up a text message or playing around in the radio’s dial or maybe you hit black ice. However, this isn’t your fault faced with an additional item on your agenda to take care of.

What to do following a car accident, if it’s not your fault: The First Steps.

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The majority of actions you take after an accident are the same, no matter the person who is at fault. There are specific ways to safeguard your rights if the person who caused the accident quits at the site of a collision and cannot report the accident or contradicts your description of what happened or otherwise is not cooperative.

What you should do immediately.

If you’re injured, seek medical treatment ( take notes about the injuries should you be able to). Examine the people in the car who could have been involved in the incident. Aid those who require emergency medical attention but don’t relocate an injured person in the event of an emergency unless it’s required to ensure their safety. Ensure to get the vehicle out of traffic and towards roadsides whenever feasible; you do not want to cause an inconvenient traffic jam or another crash.

Collect Information

If it’s the other driver’s fault, then the driver is the one responsible for reporting the collision to their insurance company. Don’t assume that you’ll be able to handle the situation; leaving the scene of an accident is a crime and only if there’s evidence of the offense. This is the reason you need to gather the following details:

  • Name address, name, and phone number of the driver who is not driving.
  • Name of the insurance company and the policy number of the other driver.
  • Witness the statements, as well as their contact details (if appropriate)
  • Photos from the incident (including the licence plate number of the driver who was not there) as well as the location of the accident.

You might want to consider calling the police.

Although it’s not clear if you contributed to the incident, gathering these facts can prove your case. If there’s a physical injury (either to you, the other motorist, or even passengers) or substantial damage, you might need to notify the police. While the investigation report is not admissible in civil courts, it can give you the advantage when presenting your account of the events or reaching an agreement.

After the trauma of a Car Accident: What Should You Do After You Return Home

If you don’t have serious injuries, you’ll need to take other steps when you return home or look for a rear-ended repair in Huntington, West Virginia. If you’ve sustained injuries due to the collision, you should be certain to take detailed (and continuous) notes. If all goes smoothly, you will be able to report the accident to his insurer, and the company will issue you the check for the damage to your vehicle and any medical costs incurred.

Get in touch with Your Own Insurance Company.

Car accidents are often a matter of the flash of an eye, so you may not be able to see the full picture of what happened leading to the crash. Yes, you are at fault, but only in part. There are also situations in which the other motorist’s insurance company denies liability. If your insurance company must be informed, you might face this problem while getting your car repaired from a good rear-ended repair in Huntington, West Virginia. Whether it is to file an action against the other insurer or file a claim for a collision for your car. Proactively contacting your insurance provider, regardless of the cause, establishes a fair effort to report the accident.

Think about suing for the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Most of the time the insurance company will pay for the damage you’ve incurred. However, in some cases, particularly without a police report, the company might choose to side with the policyholder and refuse the coverage. In this situation, your insurer could be able to cover the damage cost provided by rear-ended repair in Huntington, West Virginia, and sue the company that caused the damage or attempts to negotiate an agreement that benefits everyone. Or else, you can always opt for employing a professional and then suing the other party’s insurance company.

Keep in mind that there might not be enough evidence to build a compelling case, or the amount involved might make it worth paying the costs. In any case, make sure that you consider the benefits and drawbacks of engaging in further legal actions.

Consult an attorney to evaluate your Car Accident Claim

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You now know what you should do following an accident in your car that wasn’t at fault for you. You could be unsure of the legal options available to you. A lawyer can assist you in determining what option to pursue when the issue isn’t resolved easily. A knowledgeable motor car accident attorney close to you.

Here are also some tips you can avoid rear-ending someone else.

  • Do not speed – Although speeding is not an excellent idea, however. It’s a bad idea in traffic that is even moderate. If you speed too much, it will prevent you from stopping quickly should the vehicle ahead of you abruptly slow down. Being too fast can prevent you from adequately controlling your vehicle.
  • You should brake slowly if you sense that you’re nearing a stop sign or construction zone, a red light and so on. Begin to slow down at a sensible pace so that the car behind you has enough time to brake. The sudden slamming of your brakes could result in catastrophe.
  • Don’t cut other drivers Off Do not cut other drivers off. This can cause collisions of all kinds, including rear-end collisions. Although you might think that you’ve got enough space to get ahead of that vehicle, it’s safer to be regretting it. If the roles reverse and you are cut off by someone else, be calm and try to get back the proper distance between yourself and the vehicle.
  • Always looking at your vehicle’s mirrors is something you must always do while driving, mainly to avoid rear-end collisions. If you’re planning to stop at an unusual spot, like a crash on the interstate, be sure to check your rearview mirrors for the traffic coming in. You may see someone speeding up and will need enough time to clear the way. This is especially the case with semi-trucks. In an emergency, semi-trucks can take more time to come down. Therefore trying to move out of their lane during a sudden stop can be lifesaving.
  • Beware of all distractions – avoiding distractions while driving is essential to prevent any collision. If you remain focused on your driving, you are more likely to see vehicles in front of you and brake quickly. As per the NHTSA, the drivers who were not focused on the road “substantially slower brake response times than drivers whose concentration was focused on the forward road.” It concludes that all kinds of distracted driving can lead to rear-end crashes.
  • Check your brake lights. How effective are your brakes if they’re not working? They’re not. The brakes are on your vehicle to ensure that you are and the people around you secure. Although it might seem like an issue that isn’t a problem at all and doesn’t require immediate attention, however, it does. Make sure your brakes are working correctly.
  • Be attentive of the weather and road conditions in your mind – As suggested by most rear-ended repairs in Huntington, West Virginia. In accordance with the weather or road conditions, it is possible to alter the timing you have to brake. If you are experiencing snow or rain and so on. on the road in these conditions, you will need to stop sooner than you typically would. The effects of hydroplaning or sliding on ice can easily cause a rear-end collision.
  • Keep your eye on the road in front of you to ensure you can reduce or stop when required. If you are going through a crash or a construction zone or anything else that you are in, it is important to slow down and remain alert.

In a nutshell

Being in an accident can be pretty traumatizing, but in the end, you have to find a good rear-ended repair in Huntington, West Virginia. We at East End Body Shop have years of experience dealing with the worst car accident conditions and have delivered in a tip-top brand new condition.