There are vast levels of services when you go to a collision centre, but when it comes to getting quality services, only a few can deliver what they have promised in their ads. Our brand East End Body, one of the best auto collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia, can say that our team of experts can give the entire worth of your money.

Today in this blog post, we will cover a few crucial topics specifically addressed to the typical audience who have little layman knowledge of cars and what to look out for in a good centre of auto collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia. Let’s come to the first topic, which is- 

Ten most important things you must check after getting your car serviced

The view is that everything can look good, but sometimes we get conned when we blindly trust the hands who handle our car. This is the exact kind of attitude that hampers any brand and eventually reflects in the feedback you get.

Job card

A job card is a standard practice followed by most auto collision repair stations in Huntington, West Virginia. This job card works as a communication between the different repairing departments and the advisor. While submitting your car, you must point out the faults you have experienced and the desired correction you want them to make. 

Itemized products in the bill

An itemized product in the invoice is generated after you have had your vehicle repaired. It would be best to verify that it is included in the service cost as roughly quoted to you by the service adviser before you give the car. As in these situations, human errors are bound to happen. Our auto collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia, advises you to keep an eye out and check whether any top-up is done or not.

Transmission oil or The engine oil

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The core of your vehicle is your engine, and it must work effectively and efficiently. For that, it requires oil replacement and filter replacement. The same goes for transmissions, even if it usually does not come with an air filter. It entirely depends on when you’re having your engine motor oil replaced. If you notice, the newly changed oil is lighter in colour and cleaner than the previous oil in the engine.

Fluid for cooling / Brake fluid

Coolant must be replaced in your engine every few thousand miles as it loses its properties over time. Several car manufacturers also advise that you have to replace or refill the brake fluid in need. It’s better to stay in the observation area of the service station and let the workers do their assigned job in the car.

Belongings / Tool kit / Boot

It is recommended that you remove the tool kit or any other personal belongings from the car before giving it for servicing. When you take the delivery, make sure that the spare wheel and all other parts are present and in good working order. Our centers of auto collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia, include the personal belongings in the job card itself if the car owner cannot remove all of their belongings. 

Fuel level

While giving your car for service, the advisors record the fuel level on the worksheet to ensure the car is not misused. It’s a standard practice to check the air conditioning’s performance during summers and make sure the workers do not use their car for personal chores.

Odometer reading

It’s common among the services to go for a test drive of around 2-3 kilometres following service to ensure that the car is operating correctly, check if it’s running smoothly, and recognize any issues. Note the reading before giving it in the workshop and check again after receiving it.

Condition, Rotation and Balancing of Tyre & Wheel

Take a close look at the wheels or tyres before making the delivery of your vehicle. There is always a possibility of swapping wheels if your car is scheduled to undergo wheel alignment or rotation. However, the chances of this occurring are pretty low. 

Air filter

You can check for the air filters by opening the air filter housing and taking it out. Several air filters are designed to be replaced after a few thousand miles. The air filter should be cleaned each time you take your vehicle to service. It can affect the engine’s health greatly.

Do a road test by yourself

You must take a test drive once the car has been repaired. But It’s better to inspect the vehicle with the service advisor to determine if the issues you have mentioned have been addressed or not. The majority of the time, the more minor problems can create more issues than they were when they first started.

We understand, by now you have a pretty good idea of what aspects you must check after getting your car serviced. The East End Body Shop in Huntington, West Virginia, advises all car owners to follow these steps to keep the vehicle in perfect running conditions and ensure you get your full money’s worth.   

Now the question arises which service centre you can select that can give the worth of your money. East End Body Shop Auto Repair Center in Huntington, West Virginia, has listed some pointers that can help you choose a better workshop for your car.

Multiple Locations

If a business has multiple locations, it’s an indication that it is thriving and the customers are happy with its service. Additionally, the search for a reliable service centre while far from home is difficult. If the centre has multiple locations, there’s an increased chance that you’ll find a trustable brand.

Insurance Companies

It is in the insurance company’s best interests to ensure that any repairs made on vehicles are done correctly and on time, specifically when they’re paying for the damages. If an insurance company prefers an auto shop, this implies that they’re consistently meeting their requirements by delivering top-quality service.


auto collision repair in huntington west virginia

Vehicles can’t select the best time to break down, and, in most cases, it is necessary to tow your car to a repair shop. If the repair shop provides towing services, you’ll be able to avoid a towing company and save thousands of dollars. The service centre’s ability to tow your vehicle may also speed up repairs, resulting in more efficient communication.

Automotive Detailing

Indeed, a clean vehicle will not help the engine run faster, and it will improve its appearance and give you the possibility of having minor imperfections removed. A car that has been cleaned will ensure that the interior and exterior appear as they did when the car was in the showroom. While bringing the car, it would be good if you could also get it washed.

Certified Technicians

The certifications awarded to mechanics who have mastered specific skills indicate that the service centre can offer a professional service. To be eligible for these certifications, one has to undergo rigorous testing in various automotive sectors. This will ensure that technicians can work with the most recent technologies applied in modern cars.

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

If it weren’t dependent on customers, businesses would be in trouble, and auto repair shops are no different. It’s no secret that keeping clients satisfied is the top priority of all repair shops, but some businesses take extra steps to ensure that their customers’ expectations are satisfied. 

Loaner Vehicles

In our busy lives, having a car is quite crucial. In the event of an accident, it could mean that you’re not able to go to work and, consequently, which might eventually affect your livelihood. Because of this, some workshops of auto collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia, offer loaner vehicles. It can be free of charge or set at a very minimal cost. 


A warranty is an assurance knowing that in the event of repairs that do not work, they will be addressed without any additional cost; this can turn out to be a great incentive to choose the right repair shop. Before giving our car to a workshop, you can check for the warranty offered at that place.

Same Day Repairs

The biggest concern with repair work done to a vehicle is the time it takes in the workshop. Although some repairs take a few hours, some can take up to days. Some centers of Auto collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia, offer the same day service and are catching on with its other competition.


A car is an investment, and when it gets damaged, it can take thousands of dollars to repair. We at East End Body Shop aim to give the best service to our customers and ensure they are satisfied all the way. Our services include frame repair, auto mechanical repair, glass repair, paint job and several services. 

For more info, check our website, and if you ever face a difficult time with your car, the East End body shop is the place to get your vehicle fixed.