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Even a great driver can meet with an accident. For that time, they need to know what one should do or not do after an auto collision. We have tried to mention the most crucial auto collision do’s and don’ts, which will protect you from worthless worries. 

What should you do after an Auto Collision?

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Let’s talk about what you should do when you meet an auto collision:

  • Stay Calm

After a hit, everyone will panic, but that’s what you should not do. Observe yourself, how your body reacts to the wreck, what’s happening around you? or inside you? Is your heart beating rapidly? Are you feeling pain in your body? If yes, then try to stay calm, take deep breaths. It will help you to control the situation in a better way. With a quiet mind, you will think about what to do after the crash and how to handle people with you because they may need medical attention. Do not think of “how will your car be repaired?” or “how long do you have to stay in the hospital?” or about any other expenses. Just focus on yourself and your loved ones. 

  • Check whether anyone is injured.

Safety comes first, so before doing anything, determine that all are safe and nobody is injured. If anyone is affected due to the bang, then call an ambulance. You can also ask people around you to do so. If you are wounded, do not move and wait for emergency personnel to help you. 

  • Call an Ambulance and Law enforcement.

It is necessary to have a checkup after an automobile crash. Even if it was a fender bender, call an ambulance. Try to provide them with as much information as you can. For instance, city name, street name, closest house number, and read roadside boards or travel directions and whatever you can think of because even a little information can sometimes help. And calling the cops would be great because, in this way, you will get an official report of the incident to offer to your insurance company.

  • Move your vehicle out of danger.

If you are not injured, and your automobile is still functional, drive it to a safer place to avoid further crashes. Turn on hazard lights and set some emergency triangles to alert approaching vehicles. But if it was a significant bang, leave your automobile where it is and remember to be cautious while coming out of the car, especially if the hit took place on a busy street or highway. 

  • Collect and exchange important information

Now it’s time to gather some information. With a pen and paper, draw or write down everything you remember about the accident and take multiple photos of the damage. There are many applications available to record the time, date, location of the collision. It can also create written and voice details. Many car insurance companies provide the facility to use an app for free to document the crash info. If your smartphone is operational, then download one of them and make your work convenient. You should collect and exchange some details with the other driver. Information like full name, telephone number, insurance information, license plate number, police report number (if they do not have any problem with it), and note the model: type and colour of the vehicle. If there are eyewitnesses, ask them what happened and gather their contact details if they are willing to give them. However, all this information is collected by cops. If they are not taking any interest, then you should do it on your own. Ask the investigating police officer for their name, badge number and telephone number. 

  • Inform Your Auto Insurance Company About the Accident

You do not need to inform them from the scene but will be required to do it soon. Insurance companies need to know the name, telephone contact, location, date, time, weather condition, insurance and vehicle information, and terms and badge numbers of the investigating police officer. Along with these, they will need a copy of the accident report. When you file a claim, ask questions about insurance coverage. You can also leave it on us, one of the best auto collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia as our East end body shop team can deal with it.

  • Search for an auto collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia

Now it’s time to repair your automobile. Search for auto collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia. When you have an auto collision, it’s essential to pick the right auto repair shop. When you get your car repaired, ask them to offer you a written estimate through which it will be easy for customers to get answers to all their queries. East End Body Shop provides free estimates.

What should you not do after an Auto Collision?

Knowing don’ts is more important than what one should do since being aware can close the door for some new trouble. So, Let’s begin with the don’ts of an automobile accident.

  • Never drive away

First and the most crucial point, don’t run away! Going away from the tragedy can bring some new problems. It can convert a collision into a crime. When accidents happen, I know it makes us panic and confused, so we make wrong decisions and commit more mistakes. Leaving the crash scene is against the law, and it may raise criminal penalties, which will vary as per the seriousness of the crash.

  • Don’t get involved in a roadside argument about responsibility.

East End Body shop will recommend you not to take part in roadside discussions with other drivers and passengers. It will just boost the aggression of both sides and worsen the bad situation. Still, you talk with them, then do it calmly and with extra caution. Otherwise, Reserve your energy and story for the police and insurance company. 

  • Do not admit your fault.

Do not accuse them and don’t say “I am sorry” even if you feel it was your fault because if you do, they can use it to prove that you admit that all this happened because of you, and now you are guilty of it. Along with this, neither play the blame game nor admit your fault. Wait for the police, and they will evaluate everything.

  • Don’t make any deals.

Do not say “Let’s handle it on our own” or make any “handshake deals” with them. Such as paying or accepting cash or signing any documents instead of filing insurance claims or calling the police since you do not know about the damage or injuries. So, before proceeding with any compensation or anything, wait for the police.

  • Don’t be the first to leave.

Here is the last point from the don’ts after an auto collision. That is, don’t be the first to leave. We will suggest that you stay at the place of the crash until the police have made the report and left the scene along with other drivers.

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Here is a takeaway, in any mishap, most people panic and lack of knowledge boost it. Here we have tried to provide you with the correct information in simple words. We hope you understand everything. If you search for an auto collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia, indeed, we will be at the top of your list.