If you are looking for a reputable collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia, then your wait ends right here. While it is imperative to get your car repaired right after a collision, you should never settle for less and perform your due diligence to find the most professional collision repair in Huntington west Virginia that can bring your highly damaged car back to life.

You cannot blame your self for the collision repair, because you can be an extremely cautious driver on the highway and still have someone bumping into your car. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is unfortunate to know that more than 6 million car accidents happen yearly alone in the US. As one of the leading collision repair shops, our motive is to educate you on what you should be looking out for in a reliable collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia, and if you are wondering how to find one, we have got you covered. Here is a compiled list of all the essential factors that you should consider to get your vehicle repaired:

Research Is The Key

As inevitable car collision repairs in Huntington, West Virginia are, the last thing you want is to trust a company that makes fake promises to you about repairing your vehicle. We cannot emphasize this, but you should always perform your due diligence, whether it is assessing the website of the company that you have heard about or reading reviews about it. You should always consider if the company is adamant about providing you with a quality service at a reasonable price.

Your research will also allow you to see how much the company cares about you and your asset. A reliable company will easily display the prices without thinking twice, provide enticing offers because they want to retain you and not be heavy on your pockets, and offer a wide range of services that can alter your stressful situation into a seamless experience.

Assess The Company’s Website

This comes under the research part, but we want to focus more on it because there are certain things that a website comprise apart from telling the company’s vision. First and foremost informing you about the services that can include options like: 

  • Hand Wash & Dry
  • Wheels & Tire Shine
  • Vacuum Interior, Spot Cleaning,
  • Steam Clean Carpets & Seats
  • Wipe & Shine Dashboards, Door Jambs, Plastic Vents,
  • Cracks & Cup Holders
  • Interior Glass Cleaning
  • Rain X applied to Windshield
  • Bug & Tar Removal
  • Engine Clean
  • Trunk Clean

Apart from this, you can always see how transparent is the company about the work they do. If they are willing to contact you, solve your queries related to your vehicles, provide you with a tracking status of your car, and provide a free estimate, well, they deserve all the brownie points then! 

Client Testimonials

They speak volumes about the company even before you visit the website. Positive client testimonials are everything to a company, and if you can skim through them quickly on the internet, then trust us, you are getting a good deal. Besides this, a reliable company will always want to make you aware of your vehicle. It will focus on making your experience extremely interactive so that you are well aware of the procedure. 

Ask Questions

collision repair in Huntington West Virginia

We mean the right ones. Even if it is an approved shop selected by your insurance company or the one that you looked up, you should ask legitimate questions, including:

  • What is covered and how much of the vehicle is covered
  • What are the qualifications of the technician and their experience 
  • Do you offer a warranty period after repair
  • The estimated amount of your service is more or less, can you explain to me the reason
  • Are the manufacturing parts replaced genuine?
  • What is the estimate process?
  • What should be my turnaround time expectations?

Asking meaningful questions will allow you to gather a deeper understanding of the company’s services and how efficiently they will resolve the problem. There is no harm in asking questions; in fact, a cooperative and collaborative collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia will readily answer them and invite more such questions to the table.

Compare Pricing!

You don’t want to create a hole in your pocket; hence it is very likely that before you tell you this, you must have already thought about it. Comparing the pricing policies of different providers is essential. This allows you to gather information about additional services that companies offer in a particular price range. It will get easier for you to draw your estimates and what to expect before you even take your vehicle to them. Legitimate companies will, of course, not try to exhaust you financially or make you hunt the prices down; instead, they will make the job easier by serving everything you need right under one platform. 

Local Shops Near You!

This can be a holy grail for your vehicles, and if you have a local company like East End Body Shop offering services to you, then you don’t have to worry about anything else. Why do we say this? Because local shops aim to provide the best services to you as they want you to be their regular customer, you end up getting multiple rewards that you never explored earlier. You can also get a chance to visit the space yourself and know the progress of the work being done on your vehicle.

The local shops also go the extra mile for you by providing multiple other services like pickup and drop of your vehicles so that you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Talk To People Around

collision repair in Huntington West Virginia

Word of mouth can be a big deal for a few people, and it is a part of your research. You can always ask people where they get their vehicles repaired from and if they are elated by the services offered by their current repair company. You can also ask for recommendations by researching a company for yourself and knowing other people’s views on the same. Thanks to the internet, you can always look for a detailed company review on Google or Yelp and understand what customers are talking about. Word of mouth is a real stand up factor as it reflects people’s trust in the company. 

Make A Checklist

This is one of the effective options that you can choose from, after conducting thorough research you can create your checklist that can comprise of many things including the pricing policy, locality of the shop, customer care executives qualification and behaviour towards you and so much more that you think can fit into the list.

After you create the checklist, you will be able to find the right fit and which shop could score more points according to your set parameters. If you are comfortable with the shop’s repair methodology, you will be able to give your vehicle more confidently to them. 

Behavior Of Staffs 

Your very first interaction with a repair shop can tell a lot about them. It is very obvious that you would want to select a shop that respects customers and is courteous enough. Their behaviour will be easily reflected when they are answering your questions and don’t make you think that you are an inconvenience to them. Besides the conduct of staff, you can also have a quick glance around the lobby and know how your vehicle will be treated after it is parked.

One of the most critical factors when looking for collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia, is that the staff possess excellent communication skills and have the utmost sense of professionalism. 

Go With Your Instinct

collision repair in Huntington West Virginia

Most importantly, go with what your gut feeling tells you. If you think that the positive reviews are 100% true and that your vehicle will be safe with them, then go for it. But if you are giving the shop a second thought because you are not confident about your research on the same, then you always have the option to look for other companies. 

Your gut feeling can be true at times, and making a decision that is too expensive or important to you requires all your decision-making abilities. 

No one likes dents on their vehicles, and it is one of the most significant decisions that you will have to make of giving your car to someone else. The options available in the market are extensive, and we understand that it can be an overwhelming deal for you, but if you are confident about the shop, you will be at ease after providing your vehicle to them. As inevitable are road accidents, you can always keep this guide handy whenever you look for a collision repair in Huntington, West Virginia