When your car gets damaged after an auto collision in Huntington, WV, the first thing you’d think of is how to get reputable auto collision experts in Huntington, WV, to work on your damaged car. 

While it’s essential to find help immediately after a collision, it is also crucial that you settle for true experts who will deliver an excellent job repairing your car. 

As the leading auto repair shop in Huntington, WV, we have helped bring back to life highly damaged cars and helped our clients with many other auto body repair needs. 

Doing this has helped us to understand the auto collision repair process in-depth and emerge as true experts in the field over the years. 

With this expertise, we’ve been able to work excellently on our client’s cars and answer the important questions they presented to us. 

Whether it’s the first time you’re seeking auto body repair services or not, you’ll always have a few questions to ask.

We compiled a list of some of these questions below and their respective answers.

  1. Does Your Shop Offer Rental Cars to Customers?
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Car repairs take significant amounts of time, and owners will have to go for a few days or weeks before we’re done with the repair work. 

This explains why most of our clients always want to know whether we offer rental cars they can hire during the waiting period.

Depending on the repair work involved, we always recommend renting a car for the period we’ll be working on your car body repair. 

While we don’t offer rental cars to our clients, we always refer them to our rental car partners, who have always done a great job offering high-quality cars for rental.

Since our clients are our main priority, we’re always willing to send in an expert to help them with the renting process. 

It is crucial to read the fine print and understand what’s expected of you when the car is in your care.

It is also important that you take pictures of the rented car before you leave the shop and after you return it. 

If your car needs more time to be repaired, we will always call the rental shop on your behalf to ask for the extension after you’ve agreed on the extension terms. 

  1. Will my Car be covered while it’s in Your Shop?

We receive this question a lot, and we always understand it’s because clients are more concerned about their car’s safety and wellbeing. 

Anything can happen in an auto body repair shop, including theft and fire accidents. And because of this, we’ve always bought insurance covers that will protect your car while in our shop.

As the leading auto body repair shop in Huntington, WV, we understand the basic importance of having an active insurance policy to cover our client’s cars while in our custody.

We also advise our clients to continue paying their auto insurance premiums even when their cars are in our shop for repair. This is important as it helps avoid penalties from states requiring consistent payment of auto insurance premiums.

  1. Do You Have Experience Repairing my Car Model?
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It’s not always about finding the nearest auto collision experts in Huntington, WV, but about finding the one that can expertly work on almost any car model.

With our many years of experience handling various car models, you can rest assured that we are never easily caught unawares when you bring in a new model.

Our team comprises various experts, including car model experts who will check and work on almost any model of car that comes into our repair shop. 

We offer an analysis of the damage before commencing any repair work, and if our team finds out it’s unlikely they’ll handle your car, we’ll always refer you to a shop that can.

  1. Does Your Shop Offer Warranty for the Repairs?

Many customers are rightfully concerned about warranties because inexperienced auto body repair experts offer many faulty repair services. 

Despite offering quality auto body repair services, we still back them up with a warranty to cover any repair work that might have gone wrong.

We offer a warranty for 90 days or 5,000km depending on what comes first of the two. 

We will accept to work on your vehicle for free if it breaks down during the warranty period because of a fault arising from faulty repair work on our side.

We always advise that you let us know your car immediately exhibits any problem that you believe could be related to our craftsmanship. 

Our team will assess to determine if it’s a problem the warranty can cover or not.

  1. Can I Ask for Reference from Other Customers?

We never feel offended when our clients ask to speak to other customers to confirm if our services are as good as we claim they are.

We often direct our clients to our website reference page besides allowing them to talk to some of our previous customers for further confirmation. 

We are always confident that all our clients will leave a positive review for our company as we always uphold high-quality standards.

If you’re planning to visit our shop anytime soon, we’re always ready to help you with any useful information, including linking you to our reference sites.

  1. Will Your Team Call me in the event of unexpected Expenses arising during Repair?

Once the repair work commences and price estimates are given, all systems always go for the repair work. 

However, in the course of the project, our team might realize there’s an even bigger problem with your car that may need more work and money to repair.

Before we continue with the extra work, our team will always call you to seek your consent to proceed with the additional work and set new prices for the entire repair work. 

On top of that, we keep you updated with any progress of your car’s repair work so you can always know what to expect from us. 

  1. How soon can I Wash my Car after the Repair Work?
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Repairing your car body after damage involves much work to bring it to the perfect shape and color. At one point, our team will have to paint the body of your car with the color of your choice to bring it to perfection. 

We often let the car dry at our shop before we wash it and hand it over to you. 

But this mainly depends on how urgent you need your car after we’re done repairing it. 

If you’re willing to wait, we can have it in our shop until it’s dry and ready to be washed in an automatic carwash before handing it over to you.

However, if you need the card immediately after completing repair work, you can only hand wash it until after 30 days, when you can take it to an automatic carwash.

  1. My Car’s Frame is damaged, can you still repair it?

In the earlier days, we could send away a car owner with a car whose frame was damaged as we lacked the technology and equipment to handle such a mess.

However, that’s not the case today. We have a special team to work on broken frames and special tools and equipment that will make the work easier and more successful.

We understand that having a damaged frame is the worst news you’d want to receive from an auto collision analysis. But when it happens, do not be shy to bring your car to us for prompt and outstanding repair work.

  1. Do you provide written Repair Estimates?

Commendable repair work is not always complete without giving our clients written estimates of the repair costs and an itemized bill after completion of the work.

We always keep our clients up to date with every unfolding event when working on their cars. This is important as it is rare to find discrepancies between the first estimate and the final itemized bill. 

Additionally, our payment policies are always available for perusal anytime you visit our shop. Our payment policies will include material costs, warranty information, labor rates, acceptable forms of payments, and guarantees.

  1. How long does it take to do the Repairs?

Most clients ask this question last after getting answers to all other questions about the repair contract and working with us. 

Every car owner would like to know how long their car would be remaining in repair before it’s ready to operate again. 

We cannot always give a conclusive answer to this question because every auto body repair project comes with different requirements. 

We always look at the extent of damage on your car, the availability of resources needed for the repair work, and the entire situation before answering this question.

We like it when we complete our projects as fast as possible, but we’re always more satisfied when we deliver quality work than rushed work.

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