If your vehicle is damaged, it’s probably fixable. To figure out which services you might need, let’s go over the most common auto body repair services that shops have to offer.

It’s not uncommon for most drivers to need service from an auto body repair shop at some point. The cause could be from a vehicle collision, or many other reasons. Most auto body repair shops offer a large list of auto body repair, or even restoration services.

These services are for those who need vehicle repair, most commonly after damage occurs in a collision. WIth services like paintless dent removal, to even professional detailing.

At East End Auto Body, we’ll help you go over the most common auto body repair services.

Auto Body Shop Services

Before you figure out which repair services your vehicle might need, you need to go over the common repairs provided by auto body shops.

When it comes to an auto body repair shop, they fix exterior parts of vehicles, like:

  • Bumpers
  • Paint
  • Dents
  • Winshileds

Common Auto Body Repair Services

Dent Repair. Whether you’ve been involved in an accident, or your vehicle has just experienced normal wear and tear, dents are something you should have fixed as soon as they’ve occurred.

Dents can lead to quick deterioration and cause further damage to your vehicle. Auto body shop dent repair services are able to fix them right away, before they create more problems in the future.

Paint Repair. When your vehicle undergoes any sort of paint scratches, rock chips, or other reasons for damage, they can lead to rust being created and causing overall car damage beneath the surface.

If you don’t quickly get your paint repaired at an auto body repair shop, extended issues can arise with your vehicles paint and even metal.

At an auto body repair shop, they can fix the paint damage. Ensuring your car will look and be completely repaired.

Glass Repair. In the event of a collison, your vehicle’s windshield can become damaged. With either scratches, cracks, or need to be replaced altogether. This includes all windows and rear-view mirrors.

With auto body repair services, things like your windshield can be fixed, or replaced. Getting you back on the road with a clear view and much safer journey.

Bumper Repair. During a collision, or even every day driving, your bumper will usually take the most damage. From cracks, to large scrapes and other sorts of damage. These issues can be hard to fix since bumper replacement looks different for every car.

An auto body repair shop should have staff who can evaluate your vehicle damage and conclude the best course of action for repair. With all the different styles and sizes of bumpers, choose the experts to help you repair your bumper.

Fender Repair. Similar to a bumper, a vehicle’s fender is distinct to each one. With different attributes that can make it harder to find the correct repair for after a collision.

Thankfully, auto body repair shops commonly fix, or replace fenders. Whether it’s made from aluminum, metal, or other materials.

How Are an Auto Body Repair and Mechanic Shop Different?

It’s easy to confuse the two, but an auto body repair shop and an auto mechanic repair shop are not the same thing. 

Where an auto body shop usually works exclusively on a vehicle’s outer repairs. A mechanic shop will help repair more mechanical parts. They also do any regular maintenance your vehicle might need.

Common Repairs at an Auto Mechanic Shop

Brake Replacement. A vehicle’s brakes failing, or not operating correctly can cause a collision. It’s important to replace them if needed before something like that can happen.

A mechanic shop can also replace your brakes if needed after you’ve been involved in a collision. As well as examine any noises, or warning signals from your vehicle that could be considered. out of the ordinary. 

These could be indications your vehicle’s brakes need replacement, or just maintenance.

Routine Oil Changes. Almost every single vehicle needs a routine oil change. The frequency will depend on each vehicle. 

If you don’t take your vehicle in when it needs an oil change, it can lead to possible engine issues from poor lubrication. 

Taking it in on a regular basis to have that routine oil change completed can extend your vehicle’s lifespan and save your engine in the long run.

Engine Component Replacement. If you and your vehicle are involved in a collision, specifically a head on collision, damage is inevitable. The front end of your vehicle being struck can severely affect the engine and it’s running properly.

When in this situation, an auto mechanic repair shop should then inspect your vehicle. The mechanic should be able to see which parts of the engine’s components are damaged from the collision. Then be able to repair, or replace them completely.

Auto Body Repair Services in Huntington, West Virginia

At East End Body Shop in Huntington, West Virginia, we provide most of the common auto body repair services needed after a collision. Not only do we provide it, we specialize in it. Along with our unmatched customer service.

Our team here at East End Body knows what it takes to really help customers during the collision repair process. As well as providing cosmetic upgrades and a large range of other services. Helping our customers and their vehicle’s get back running good as new.

Whether you’re involved in an accident, or just want to upgrade the cosmetic appearance of your car, we’ve got it covered. From collision repair, to dent repair, car paint, or any additional body work. We have got you covered!

Ensuring our collision repair team is always meeting the performance standards we ourselves would expect from collision repair experts. We also work with the majority of insurance companies and give you the chance to make which auto repair shop you want your first choice. 

We suggest you do proper research and don’t go for the first company your insurance suggests. Choose whichever auto body repair shop is right for you and your vehicle!

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