Most drivers will have to take their car to an auto body shop at some point or another. But what are the most common repairs that auto body shops do? Typically, an auto collision is completely impossible to avoid, and finding yourself in a situation where you have to take your vehicle into a repair shop can be the source of a lot of stress for drivers, who may be at a loss in knowing where to begin when seeking repair for their vehicle. 

Regardless of the type of damage your car has endured, it’s crucial to be informed on what kind of services shops in your area offer so you have a better idea at what to expect at a consultation. 

Most shops, like East End Auto Body Shop, offer a wide variety of auto body repair and restoration services. Your car will be serviced by trustworthy and experienced technicians, using only the highest quality equipment and services. The goal is to get your car back to its pre-damaged condition. 

However, many shops in your area may not offer exactly what you’re looking for. Generally speaking, these are the most common services offered by auto body repair shops. 

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) 

Just about any type of stray debris can cause dents in your vehicle, a rogue grocery cart, tumultuous weather, or rocks. They can cause noticeable cosmetic damage to your vehicle that will become more prevalent if left unfixed. Paintless dent removal is a process in which dents are repaired without adding or removing any paint from the vehicle. 

The great thing about PDR is that it is minimally invasive and, when minor dents occur, it is the cheapest option to fix the issue before it gets worse. A trained technician will use a variety of tools to gently smooth out the dents and massage everything back into place from the inside out. 

Depending on how many dents there are and how severe they are, the process will take anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours. 

Paintless dent removal is an alternative that is widely accepted by the insurance industry. Typically, depending on the severity of the damage and the provider of the service, PDR will cost around $135 to $165. 

There is no sanding or fillers involved, making it the quickest and most cost effective choice to get your car looking its best again. 

Auto Body Painting 

Following an auto collision, a new paint job is a pretty common repair that auto body shops do. 

Typically, this is done to either protect the exterior of the car from elements or provide an extra layer of shielding in the event of another collision. Or, it could be done simply to improve the appearance of the car to help get it back to its pre-collision state. 

A collision is not the only thing that may lead a client to pursue a new paint job, auto body shops will also do new paint jobs on cars that have been aesthetically damaged by rocks, hail, rust, or anything else that may cause chips in the paint.

When a paint job is done, a skilled technician will take the following steps to ensure that the car is restored to its pre-damaged state: 

  • The surface is sanded down to bare metal and cleaned. 
  • A collision resistant primer is applied to the freshly cleaned surface and allowed to cure. Curing time will be dependent on the type of primer that the shop uses. 
  • The primed area is sanded down and cleaned again, leaving a smooth surface for paint to be applied. 
  • Paint is matched to the original color and several layers of paint are applied with a sprayer. 
  • The paint is left to dry for up to seven days. 
  • A clear coat is applied to give it a high-gloss appearance that matches the rest of the car. 
  • The painted area is polished and buffed. 

A reputable auto body repair shop will use a technique called paint blending, in which they match the new paint precisely to the undamaged paint that is already on the vehicle, so that there will be no harsh lines and it will not be evident that a paint job was done on the vehicle. 

Window Repairs and Replacement 

Whether it be a small chip in your windshield from debris on the freeway or a shattered window from a collision, window repairs and replacement are frequently done by auto body shops. 

Many auto body shops have a glass repair technician on staff, or they have close relationships with glass repair shops that they can refer you out to. 

Damage to auto glass will lessen the integrity of your windows in the future. You need resilient windows to stay safe while driving. No matter what kind of window damage your car has endured, East End Body Shop is here to help: 

  • Chipped windshield – Poor driving conditions or flying debris can lead to a chipped windshield, but it’s important to get even a small crack repaired. This is because wear and tear on your car will lead to worsening damage in untreated chips, turning small chips into large cracks, and consequently causing you more financial hardship in the future. 

Typically, if a crack in your window is less than six inches, you will not need a full replacement. 

  • Window replacement – When the damage to your window cannot be repaired with just a spot-fix, you will need a full window replacement. There are a few different types of window replaces, each with unique steps:
  • Front and rear windshields: Using high quality material, a skilled technician will remove the damaged glass and replace your window with a resilient glass that will hold up against any potential damage in the future. 

The technician will then clean all of the windows and check that all of the windshield functions are working with the new glass, ensuring that your car is safe for you to drive away. 

  • Side window replacement: A broken side window leaves you susceptible to bad weather and theft. Your valuables and safety are not suitably protected when you use a DIY replacement for a window longterm, so it’s important to get a side window repaired as soon as you can following damage. 

The process is very similar to repairing windshields. A technician will remove the damaged glass, install new glass, and ensure that your window is still able to be rolled up and down. 

Frame Testing and Strengthening

Roughly 50% of cars sustain damage to the frame during a collision. This kind of damage is tough to spot, and can easily be overlooked by an insurance adjuster. Due to this, it is always recommended that you get your frame checked out at a reputable auto body shop following any type of collision. 

A frame that is even slightly bent following a minor collision can risk the integrity of the car, thus putting the driver at higher risk following any potential collisions in the future. A car with a bent frame can also mess with the alignment of your car, meaning you may veer while driving, and will cause unnecessary wear on your tires. 

To help ensure your frame is in good condition following a collision, a technician will: 

  • First, take a good look at the frame, checking for any bends or dents. 
  • If no damage is present, your car is safe to be driven. If damage is present, your vehicle will be placed on a frame alignment machine.
  • The frame alignment machine will straighten the frame back to factory specifications. Then, when your frame is totally straightened, it will be safe to be driven again. 

How Can I Find Great Auto Body Repair Shops Near Me?

Finding a great auto body repair shop can be daunting and challenging, especially when you’re new to an area or it’s your first time seeking repair for your vehicle. 

That being said, it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to the drivability of your car. When in doubt following a collision, you should definitely take your car for a consultation at a shop. 

Word of mouth, online reviews, and customer testimonies are all good ways to find great service for you and your car. A good shop won’t be afraid of answering all of your questions about the safety of your car following a collision, as they value the safety of your car and its driver. 

They’ll also be familiar with what the most common repairs that auto body shops do in the event of a collison. Don’t be afraid to visit multiple options in a search for the one that is right for you. Ask questions, get quotes, and document everything. 

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