Most vehicles have a glove box that holds things like vehicle registration, proof of insurance, or maybe yours still has the manual that came with the purchase of your car. There’s more than likely plenty of nonessentials in there, too. 

These things are all categorized as essential/non-essential, yes. However, there’s other items most don’t think to store in their glove box. Things that could save them during a possible emergency in the future. So, which items are you possibly missing in your glove box? Let’s find out!

Choosing Climate Compatible Items

climate control car items east end body shop huntington west virginia

What you choose to store in your vehicle’s glove box and what to keep at home will vary by person. 

All could be depending on things such as which part of the US you live in, it’s estimated climate and maybe even items conforming to the type of passengers you tend to travel with. Such as children, anyone with health requirements, or carrying some necessary personal items.

The goal is to create the perfect glove box content. Containing only items that could be considered essential for you, or be useful in the event of an emergency.

So, depending on the area you live in, let’s go over some items you should consider carrying in your glove box per climate.

Hot Weather

When it’s hot outside, your vehicle undergoes immense ware and tear while driving. Increasing the risk of accidents, such as breakdowns. Then leaving you stranded in the heat. Storing the necessary items in your car’s glove box in case of emergency is important.

keep water in your car for hot months east end body shop huntington west virginia

  • Healthy Snacks and Water

In case of an emergency that leaves you either waiting for assistance, or outside fixing your car, you need to be prepared. Keeping a regularly filled water and some healthy snacks can save you in a time of emergency. Keeping you hydrated and food for energy and nourishment in case of need.

  • Battery Powered Fan

In case of your AC going out, or also if you do endure a vehicle breakdown. A hand held battery powered fan could help keep you cool while in extreme heat.

Cold Weather

When living in a colder climate, compared to high temperature ones, the items in your glove box will vary.

keep an ice scraper in your glove box for cold months east end body shop huntington west virginia
  • De-Icer- For those who live in a colder climate, a de-icer becomes a necessary glove box item. Think about those times you’re leaving somewhere and find that your car windshield has a layer of frozen ice covering it. If you have a de-icer in your glove box, you won’t have to wait for your windshield to thaw from the defrost mode in your vehicle. De-icer works by lowering the freezing point of water and is most effective when you put it on before frozen weather becomes eminent.
  • Ice Scraper- If you live in cold temperatures, you should definitely keep an ice scraper in your glove box. They can vary in size, but small handheld ones are available to save space. After applying the de-icer, use the ice scraper to gently scrape the ice off of your windshield.

Other Essential Items to Keep

First Aid kit in your car for emergencies east end body shop huntington west virginia

When you’re driving, you never know what situation you could possibly end up in. It’s best to be prepared for all scenarios, including the worst case. Analyze which items you would most likely need, especially in case of an emergency, and build your glove box in your car from there.

  • Cell Phone Charger. In today’s modern times, a cell phone can save you in most any situation. Being able to contact first responders, or loved ones in the event of an emergency is important. Keeping a phone charger in your glove box to ensure you always have a charged battery is a good idea.
  • Flashlight. This is an item that’s always handy to keep on you. Carrying a flashlight is a good thing to have if you possibly break down while it’s dark outside. You may also use it for other emergency situations at night time such as changing a tire, or even for self defense when protecting yourself from a potential harm approaching your vehicle. Just flash it in their eyes and get away.
  • First Aid Kit. Carrying a small first aid kit could come in handy for many situations. In the event of an accident you should carry heavy gauze inside it and maybe even a small tourniquet in case of major accidents.
  • Seatbelt Cutter/Window Breaker. Not being able to escape your vehicle in the event of an accident can become a real danger. If there’s potential fire hazard, road hazards, or even getting stuck in water. Keeping a seatbelt cutter and a window breaking tool could potentially save your life if ever needed.
  • Pepper Spray/Other Defensive Items. Though states’ defense items that are allowed in vehicles vary, choosing one that legally is approved is also a good idea. Starting with pepper spray, or some people even choose to carry firearms when legal. Holding any one sort of self defense item in your glove box is highly suggested. You never know which situation you may end up in that self defense items would possibly save you from an attacker.
  • Mask/Face Covering. During the time of COVID-19, it’s smart to keep one, or a couple face masks in your glove box. Prohibiting you from ending up in situations where you’re without one. Also protecting you from potential infection of the virus. Carrying extra masks could also cover other passengers who may have forgotten theirs.

Items NOT to Keep in Your Glove Box

With such harsh weather conditions varying, it’s best to leave certain items out of your glove box that could cause harm when left. 

Glove box temperatures can be up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the temperature outside.

That being said, below is a list of items you should refrain from leaving in your car’s glove box. 

  • Medications- Leaving these items in your car, let alone your glove box can deem them unusable when it’s hot outside. Making the medication defective and not safe for consumption.
  • Chemicals/Cleaners- Some people like to store small containers of disinfectants, or cleaners for use in their glove box. We highly advise against this considering the likelihood of highly flammable ingredients. That when increased in temperature have the potential to produce toxic fumes in your vehicle, or even cause fire.
  • Personal Information- Besides the needed documentation. Insurance, warranty, etc. You should refrain from keeping any other personal paperwork, or items in your glove box that could give personal information to a possible thief breaking in. Such as SS card, birth certificate, bank information, etc. Keep your personal information protected by keeping anything with your info away from potential theft.

In Case of Accident Emergency

Jumper cables emergency car necessities east end body shop huntington west virginia

Vehicle accidents are sadly not uncommon and that’s why keeping items in your glove box to aid you in the event of an accident is advisable.

After taking all of these precautions and picking the perfect items to store in your glove box, emergencies can still negatively impact you. At East End Body Shop, we specialize in accident and collision repairs. Making us your choice after an auto accident is the right decision!

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