Dents. The bane of our existences when it comes to cars. They’re almost inevitable. Even if you take every precaution in the book and park 20 car spots away from everyone at the store, your car will eventually get a dent. And there’s nothing worse than coming out of a store and realizing someone has damaged your car and fled the scene.

A quality collision repair center like East End Body Shop in Huntington, WV has shop technicians that will have your car looking brand new again with our paintless dent removal. We use a variety of tools to provide removal of almost any dent. Simple stop in or make an appointment and we will get your car squared away!

Our technicians use a variety of tools to remove dents, dings, creases, and hail damage from cars without affecting the original finish and without having to use the traditional repair and painting process. Our paintless dent removal process is even more cost effective and better for the environment!

With the help of East End Body Shop, you’ll no longer have to look at that unsightly dent in your car. Having dents from an accident or any unknown causes can have your car looking unsatisfactory. Our paintless dent removal process ensure that we keep your paint looking brand new. Some other dent removal processes can damage paint further, like ripping it off or leaving scratches.

While East End Body Shop is confident in our paintless dent removal process, there are some dents that can’t be repaired using this method. Those are:

  • Sharp, deep dings and dents where the metal has been stretched too far to recover.
  • Dents located near a panels’ very edge. These dents are located on the seam, making access to work the dent very difficult.
  • Dings, dents and creases where the paint is cracked are generally not repairable using paintless dent removal.

If you find yourself in need of dent repair, contact East End Body Shop in Huntington to find out how we can help get your car looking brand new again with our paintless dent removal.