No one enjoys doing work to their vehicle in the heat of the summer. The cooling temperatures of fall overtaking West Virginia is a welcome change from the heat and humidity. Now is the perfect time to give your car a once over in preparation for the chilly weather that’s soon to be upon us.

So since October is Fall Car Care Month, here at East End Body Shop we have a few maintenance tips to help you prep your car for the fall weather.

Rehydrate Your Car

Summer can be hard on cars, and no doubt yours worked hard in the heat and humidity. It’s important to refresh your car’s fluids. Temperatures will drop in no time and the liquids under the hood can thicken and move less effectively through the engine. The first thing you should do is get yourself an oil change. After that, make sure your coolant is topped off. Coolant is a vital part of your vehicle’s defense against the harsh winter weather. We recommend taking your car to a service shop near you and having them double check your fluids.

Check Your Battery

Did you know that the cold weather can affect your vehicle’s battery? It’s true. But the summer heat is actually the true culprit in most cases. High temperatures quicken the corrosion of internal cathode plates and vaporize the power-generating electrolytes. Basically, your battery is more likely to fail in the winter because it is already in a weakened state due to the hot temperatures of summer. Checking your battery is pretty easy and will keep you from being stranded at the grocery store, or at home in the morning trying to get to work. You can also do some at home easy maintenance by scraping away corrosion from posts and cable connections. Be careful to not make direct contact with corrosion by wearing eye protection and rubber gloves.

Check Your Tire Tread

Your tires can literally save your life during the winter months. We’re no stranger to snow in Huntington and it’s important that you have the right tires for the expected weather. Tire tread is easy to check. Simply look at your tires! If you’re unfamiliar with what good tire tread looks like, grab a penny. Place the penny in your tire tread grooves with the top of Lincoln’s head facing down. If your tread doesn’t reach his head, then it’s time to replace that tire. Not only should you check your tire tread, but check your tire pressure as well. When the weather cools down, tires have a tendency to lose a bit of air pressure. Check your tread and your tire pressure, and make sure you are set for the poor weather coming our way!

Wiper Blades

This one is a bit obvious, but is easily overlooked. You don’t typically have to use your wipers in the summer, and when you do, it’s typically when you use them to clean your windshield. It’s important to make sure they are in good working condition. You never know when rain or snow will hit, and you don’t want your sight hindered by streaky wiper blades.

We hope you have a safe autumn and winter here in West Virginia, but if you find yourself in need of auto body repair, we hope you think of East End Body Shop in Huntington.