Follow these simple rules to help become a safer driver and avoid auto repair.

Practice parallel parking

If you don’t live in a busy city, you might not have to parallel park that often. But you might still find yourself needing to squeeze into a space some random day. And when that day arrives, you want to make sure you don’t bang up your car or someone else’s parked car and find yourself in need of auto repair. Parallel parking is an easy thing to practice. You can set up two traffic cones, or just about any other objects, to mark the other car placements, and start practicing that wheel crank needed to complete the perfect parallel parking job.

Don’t drive sleep-deprived

This one is pretty obvious, and it’s been brought to light much more in the last decade or so. You’ll see signs on the freeways mentioning how drowsy driving impairs the same way drunk driving does. It’s a much better idea to pull off the road somewhere safe and take a nap rather than keep driving when you’re drowsy. You might be on somewhat of a time crunch, but if you end up crashing your vehicle you’ll find yourself even further pushed behind your time frame and you’ll also most likely be needing auto repair. And that’s if you come out on the brighter side of a car accident. In fact, according to AAA, 9.5 percent of car accidents are due to drowsy driving.

Stop distracting yourself from the road

We’ve become a multitasking society. We accomplish everything all while having a phone in our hand. But it’s important to make your first and only priority the road. You might think you’re in control, but you never know what others are doing. You must always drive on the defense. Everything from texting, smoking, driving, eating, makeup, or even other individuals in the car can lead to a car accident, and you in need of auto repair.

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