Squealing Brakes

Whenever your car makes a loud noise, it can be alarming. It’s no different with the sound is coming from your brakes. Sound from your brakes can mean that something is wrong with your brake pads. If you ignore this, you can end up with expensive repairs or worse, your brakes can give out and you might find yourself needing the help of a local collision center.

Check Engine Light

Sometimes people mix up the “maintenance required” light and the “check engine” light. Your maintenance light typically means you are due for an oil change or service check up, but your check engine light means there is something bigger wrong with your car. It might be transmission problems, leaking fluids, or worse. You’ll need to take your car into a service shop to get checked out. You never know when your car might die on you, and if you’re on the freeway or a windy street, you never know what you will lose control of.

Wobbly Steering

If you feel a wobble when you drive, or if your car “shimmies” it can be a cause for concern. It can mean that your wheel alignment is off and this can easily cause a wreck. It’s important to take your car into a shop and have them check your tires and alignment so that you don’t end up at the collision center after an accident.

Squeaky Belts

Belts are typically a very easy fix and often inexpensive. However, if you ignore them, it can cause havoc to your vehicle. For instance, a timing belt is an easy fix that can be replaced or put back into place, but if it snaps, it can damage your engine and become a much more expensive repair.

Your vehicle’s maintenance increases in cost the older your vehicle gets, so it’s important to listen and feel what your car is telling you.┬áThere are many problems that can occur by ignoring what your car is telling you. Make sure you get these things handled so you don’t find yourself at East End Body Shop needing collision repair.