We’re well into spring, and summer is just around the corner. That means your car is going to be getting a nice coating of dust due to desert storms and wind. Now is the best time to break out the washcloth and add a bit of shine to your vehicle.

Upholstery Upkeep

When you go to buy a car, you check the interior. You want to make sure that it’s been taken care of, that there aren’t rips, or scratches, and that it looks as new as possible. When we bring the car home, we sometimes care less about the appearance of our interior. But keeping it clean and well taken care of will make your car look better, plus keep your resale value on the higher end if you ever decide to sell your car.  To keep your upholstery clean, slide your front seats all the way forward and clean anything that may have fallen into the “unknown.” Next, grab your vacuum and make sure to make a pass over every surface, and don’t forget to get under the floor mats. Finally, get some fabric cleaner to touch up any spots that might be stained. With just a little bit of time and love, you can drastically improve the upholstery in your vehicle.

Dashboard Cleaning

Be careful what you clean your dashboard and other hard surfaces with. Don’t root around in your cleaner stash and grab just anything. Instead head to the store and grab some cleaning wipes that are made for your dashboard and interior surfaces. You can find them at any local store and even at dollar stores. Or you can use a slightly damp microfiber towel. Wipe your dash, steering wheel, center console, inside cup holders and door pockets, and your gear shift. You can also wrap the wipe around something small like a flat head screwdriver to get in the small crevices, or grab a toothbrush.

Tire Shine

Your tires are probably the dirtiest and least cleaned piece of your car. They get the most work and use, and your brakes can leave residue. Sure we sometimes brush them when we wash the car, but we rarely spend the time making them shine. Cleaning your tires can actually be a quick, easy way to make your car looks much better. You’ll want to get a soft brush and work your way through all the ins and outs of your tires and wheels. Wipe them down and keep them shining their entire lives.

We hope you take some of these quick and easy cleaning tips for your car to really make it shine this spring.

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