We’re a local, independent collision repair shop here in Huntington, West Virginia. Today we’re going to go over what happens once you’ve been in a collision and how we can take care of the customer and get the vehicle back to pre-accident conditions.

Luckily, most individuals aren’t involved in enough accidents within their lifetime to really understand everything they should do based on personal experience. This leads most people in the hands of insurance companies, lawyers, and the collision repair shop. This can lead to quick fixes and the individual in the accident feeling overwhelmed and under-compensated.

Here is what the insurance company will normally seek and what you should be aware of:

Fast Repairs

Sure, you want your vehicle fixed quickly – you rely on it. However, a good repair is something that should not be rushed. If the repair to your vehicle is rushed, it can lead to a lack of quality and issues further down the line. Usually the insurer will push for a fast repair in order to save money on rentals and loss of use. But a fast repair can leave numerous procedures and details unattended. The speed of a repair should be a warning, not a selling point.

Cheap Repairs

Obviously you weren’t prepared for an accident, and now you have an unexpected cost. The insurance company will try to save themselves money at all turns, including cheap repairs. Cutting corners on collision repairs can result in flaws, defects, costly re-repairs, diminished value, and potential safety hazards.

Many collision repair shops use cheap parts but charge full price. You won’t find that at East End Body Shop. We care about our customers and we want to make sure they know it. We are always upfront about your repairs, the cost, and exactly what we are doing to your car. We want to take some of the stress out of this unfortunate time.