The Collision Repair industry is huge, there is a constant stream of collisions and cars that need to be fixed. A big part in collision repair is fixing the vehicles and with that, fixing the airbags.

The goal of an airbag is to slow the driver or passenger’s forward motion. There are three things that make this entire process happen. The bag, the crash sensor, and the inflator. Starting with the Crash Sensor; it senses how hard the impact was. The sensor will trigger the inflator if the sensor determines the crash is comparable to crashing at 10 to 15 miles an hour into a wall. The inflator creates a small explosion of gases into the bag, causing the bag to inflate.

Airbags are an incredibly complex system and that is why they are so expensive to replace, and why collision repair can be pretty pricey. There are various types of airbags, and they are located throughout the vehicle. There are about 4 common types of airbags that a collision repair company would have to fix if they are released.  These airbags are: side airbags, front airbags, knee airbags, and inflatable seat belts.

Side Airbags (Collision Repair)different-types-of-airbags

Side Airbags protect your from a side impact, there are two locations that they can be found in: one is in the side of the seats, which protect your torso, and the second is the curtain airbag, which is generally more important.  The curtain airbag deploys from the ceiling to protect your head.  Generally these airbags protect the the driver and the passenger.

Knee Airbags (Collision Repair)

It is shocking when you hear that there is a knee airbag, who knew?  But research has shown that in high speed crashes, kneecaps can shatter on impact.  In fact it’s often a common occurrence.

Inflatable Seat Belt (Collision Repair)

The inflatable seat belt is only available with select models. The purpose of the inflatable seat belt is to spread the accident force over a wider area on a person’s body.

If you are needing any sort of collision repair feel free to stop on by. If not don’t forget to buckle up and be safe!

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Written by: Nicole Weisbrich