This Top 10 Movie Car Crashes list is riddled with movie spoilers!  Read and watch at your own risk.

Car crashes are something that happens every hour of every day unfortunately. Pretty much everyone has been in a car accident of some kind, even if it’s a small fender bender. This is why when a movie puts together a good car chase scene and crash, our blood pressure rises and we get a bit stressed out watching it. We are all preparing for the inevitable crunch that we will hear and feel when the car collides with…well…anything.


Here are 10 of the top movie car crashes brought to you by WatchMojo

  1. Need for Speed

They couldn’t choose just one crash for this example. That’s how impressive these crashes were. There was plenty of burning rubber, car flipping, and fire-y aftermath, it was fun to watch Aaron Paul break the speed limit.

  1. 12 Pounds

While the Need for Speed crashes were fun, this one is way too real. The car accident is caused by a distracted driver on texting on their phone.  Will Smith gets distracted sending that one last text message and ends up killing several people in this car crash, including his new fiancé. The movie then takes you through his journey for redemption. An important message that makes us think twice when getting behind the wheel.

  1. Disturbia

This movie’s crash came out of nowhere, which is exactly how car crashes usually seem to happen, and it’s an opening scene too! Shia LaBeouf is driving his dad home after a day spent together, when the vehicle in front of them swerves out of the way of a broken down car. Jerking the wheel, the car hits the edge of the stalled car and flips Shia and his pops several times into oncoming traffic…where a semi is waiting for them.

  1. The Fast and the Furious

The fast cars and amazing stunts has always been the main theme of these movies. But in the original film the high speed race between Dom and Brian gets you blood pumping. With a train barreling down on them, you don’t know if Dom is going to make it over the train tracks in time. He does, but at the end a minor distraction causes him to clip a truck and send him flying through the air.

  1. Death Proof

This entire film is almost all based on cars and their crashes. And this is not a scene for the faint of heart. The brutal crash actually shows blood and cuts and limbs being torn off, but what else would you expect from a film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino?

  1. Bad Boys II

What else would you expect from Michael Bay? An amazing exploding car chase along the freeway. This scene has everything, guns, explosions, fast cars, boats, cars on chains, and more!

  1. Final Destination 2

In the first FD we see a plane explode in a vision that saves several of the passengers who are forced off the plane. In this sequel, we see a massive and brutal freeway pile up. When a logging truck loses it’s cargo, tree trunks are sent flying on the freeway causes a fatal pileup.

  1. The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan likes to do all of his stunts as realistic as possible. So it’s no surprise that when he wanted Batman to flip the truck the Joker is driving, he took a fully sized semi truck, complete with trailer and flipped it on it’s head. This stunt was amazing to watch and to know it’s not done with CGI makes it all the more impressive.

  1. The Blues Brothers

The epic police pile up. If you haven’t seen it, you’re in for a treat. Only in a movie that is as wacky as the Blues Brothers can a scene like this be appreciated. The intense chase ends with the brothers escaping after they outrun the police, after causing possibly the largest pile up of police cars ever seen.

  1. Casino Royale

This stunt from Casino Royale shows the flipping and rolling of an Aston Martin. This accident contains a history setting 7 times roll. While the James Bond series have a number of world records under it’s belt, we find this one the most impressive. It’s rare that Bond makes a mistake, so when we watch his car flip a car, we can’t look away. Luckily he walks away mostly unharmed.

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Written by: Nicole Weisbrich