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Auto body repair at East End Body Shop consists of all kinds of repair and reconditioning work to the damaged vehicle with covering dents and scratches, repainting the complete vehicle, restructuring panels, flattening bent portions and swapping parts that have been permanently damaged and for which there is slight scope for further restoration. It is a challenging effort, with significant skill and artistry involved on the part of our mechanic and technician conducting the repairs, we are entrusted with reestablishing the vehicle to as original a state as possible.

At East End Body Shop, we work in union with insurance companies for resolving clients’ insurance claims succeeding damage to the vehicle involved in a collision of any kind. At East End Body Shop we follow a standard practice of providing an estimate to the client of the total cost involved in fixing the damaged vehicle which the insurance company is estimated to cover under predefined insurance policy. This not only saves the client substantial hassle, but also takes away some of the shock involved in seeing a prized possession broken.

At East End Body Shop, our vehicle repair services can help get your car back to 100% and on the road. All different types of vehicles need to be fixed at some point or another, whether it be for automotive or auto body. 

Auto Body Repair:

If you are in an automobile accident and the body of your vehicle is dented auto body repair is the item for you. This is an overhaul that gets a vehicle looking like an accident never happened. Your vehicle can be fixed to look like you just bought it. Regular dents can take over a vehicle but getting your vehicle repaired will get it looking like new again.

Automotive Repair:

There can be a rare issues that go wrong with your vehicle, our trained staff specialize in auto restoration for all kinds of vehicles. This can be a transmission or engine problem. Once you get the vehicle repaired, this will only touch problems inside the car such as the engine, wheels and others. Actually this is different from having the auto body fixed. The charge can be pretty high for automotive, dependent on the car the parts may be costly for anyone to pay for. Occasionally you just need to get your car back on the road and you must push to keep your car alive.

Emergency Vehicle Repair:

Frequently emergency vehicles like, ambulances or police car need to be fixed. All emergency automobiles need to be watched at for repair. Over time with so countless trips these cars need to be appraised. Such things like tire rotation or replacement are big when it comes to restoring emergency vehicles.

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Auto Body Repair at East End Body Shop
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