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So you’ve just gotten into an accident. Well, shoot. Now it’s time to find the right repair shop for your vehicle. In the chaos of getting into an accident you’re not always in the best shape to make important decisions that could end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Probably one of the last things on your mind is which auto body shop to get your vehicle towed to. Most likely your going to agree to wherever the tow truck driver tells you to go. Well there are a few things you should know before you tow to just any auto body shop. Here are 5 tips to choosing the right auto body shop according to Edmunds.

Remember to get estimates from multiple shops. Just because your vehicle was towed to one shop, doesn’t mean you can’t have it moved to another. Read these 5 tips to help you decide on your best option for auto body repair.

Pay Attention to Word-of-Mouth

Chances are you know someone who has been in a car accident and needed auto body work. And there’s nothing better than getting a review from someone that you actually know and trust. Listen to those people who have dealt with your local repair shops. Some probably had easy experiences while others felt they were ripped off and had a terrible experience with an auto body repair shop.

At East End Body Shop we do our best to make sure your experience is as good of an experience as you can have while getting your car repaired. We even provide a repair status option where you can put your phone number in online and you will get a live update of where your repair status is.

Consider the Operation’s Location and Overhead

Always know where your money will be going. When you get an estimate is the larger cost the parts or the labor? Find out how much overhead the company charges. Call around for estimates all around town or even to a town nearby. Depending on the location of the auto body shop, you could be paying more simply for location. Getting your car towed to a nearby town might actually end up be cheaper than the repair shop just down the road. Make sure you really know what you’re money will be going towards.

Get Several Estimates

Like the above statement, you could be getting overcharged for overhead or simply the location of the repair shop. Make sure that you get estimates from several body shops. In fact, many places will match the lowest estimate you receive, or come close to it. Don’t always go with the lowest quote however. You might be paying for off brand parts, refurbished parts, or poor quality of work. Shop around, read reviews, and go with your intuition. Don’t make a snap decision, listen to your gut.

Ask the Right Questions

If this is your first accident there’s a chance you don’t know what is happening. Are you doing any of this correctly? Is insurance covering this? If so, how much? What do you need to do? Is there a protocol for this? Don’t go into the shop emotional, go in smart. Ask if your repairs come with a warranty and what it covers and for how long. Know what kind of parts your vehicle will be repaired with. Are they brand new, are they aftermarket, are they used? Often times aftermarket parts are just as good as brand names. Know what questions you need answered and don’t leave before you have those answers.

You probably feel a little bit overwhelmed and lost. East End Body Shop wants you to feel comfortable and understood. We want you to have all the answers and leave our shop educated and stress free.

Follow Your Intuition

Like I said above. Follow your intuition. If you feel comfortable and confident in your decision with your repair shop, that’s all that’s important. Don’t sacrifice your comfort for cost. If you end up with shoddy repairs you’re going to have a lot more stress and discomfort down the road. Literally.

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How to Choose the Right Auto Body Shop
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